Pages not indexed by Google

I have a new website. Last 4 days, I post one blog article on the website everyday, these articles are the user manual of the online project schedule tool created by me. Just now, I searched the website on Google and found: the blog articles have not been indexed by Google yet. Is there anything I do wrong? Or is it just because I am impatient?

Looking forward to your help and clarifications, thanks!

It usually takes longer than that, especially for a new site. You can alert Google to the presence of your site, if you haven’t already. If there are no external links to your site yet, there’s no way for Google to find it, either.

Thanks for the reply,Ralph. Sorry I may not express myself clear. Some other pages of the website have been indexed. And the site has some external link, although not many. My concerns is : why the blog articles have not indexed by Google? Am I impatient? In such case, do I need to alert Google of My website update and how to alert? If I alert Google too often, is it bad to the website? Thanks very much!

You need to wait more than four days for Google to crawl your site. Remember, Google’s spiders have billions of web pages to crawl. I’ve heard that they tend to come around every week or two. but I have no idea if that’s accurate or not. In my experience, it does seem to be about right. Some sites like SitePoint get crawled much more frequently, but they have a high status.

There is no specified reason for your problem, but you can try few thing to get indexed…

  • Submit RSS feeds of your blog articles to the search engines and feed directories
  • Ping the search engines
  • Get external backlinks fro that particular blog articles from websites which frequently get indxed
  • Submit your blog URLs to blog directories and social bookmarking websites

Four days is not a long period for a website to get indexed. To get indexed sooner, Bookmark your blogs and articles. Also try Press Releasing. These both activities would give you an edge for indexing.

Yes, it takes more time for a young website, you needed is to create some high quality backlinks for those pages.
My website, it has good quality backlinks leading to the main page or secondary pages. And the advantages is every time I publish new article for my “blog category” just in a few minutes my article got indexed and get ranked on the top 5 Google search for my targeted keyword after a few days and a few backlink I made for.
So, if you wanted to get better in SEO, you need to do more effort on that

Thanks for all kind replies. I have done below:
1.Submit the sitemap to google and submit the site to google index. After about 2 days, data shows that 6 of 34 pages have been indexed.
2.Submit the blog article link to Digg, this ,orning, I found that one blog article page in indexed by google. I am hoping I will see more a few days later.
3.I have begun to submit the blog article to Google plus, twitter and face.

Thanks for your help, everyone! If any guy can give any other good suggestions, it is really appreciated and I am pleased to do that!

This is ok new web sites are not crawl this much fast it will take nearly 15 days just wait for that.

I found 6 of 34 pages have been indexed by Google on 11/19/2011, but no update status from that time to now. I am checking everyday now and waiting…

resubmit your sitemap with google webmaster and submit your information with major do follow social book marking and directory sites. And then wait for some days it’ll take some time.