Why my google site is not indexing

I have created google site couple of months ago but still not indexing. Can anyone help me out

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In principle, this type of site is fairly quickly referenced. Have you tried to make some links to your site from other content? This should allow for better referencing

Lack of quality content: Google needs content to index, so if your site doesn’t have much content, or if the content is of poor quality, it may not get indexed.
Technical issues: There may be technical issues with your site that are preventing it from being indexed. For example, if there are errors in your site’s HTML code, Google may not be able to crawl and index your pages.
Blocked by robots.txt file: If your site’s robots.txt file is blocking Google from crawling your site, it won’t be able to index your pages. Check your robots.txt file to make sure that Google is allowed to crawl your site.
No-follow or no-index tags: If you have added “no-follow” or “no-index” tags to your site’s pages, this could prevent Google from indexing them.
New site: If your site is new, it may take some time for Google to discover and index your pages. It can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks for Google to crawl and index a new site.

I hope this will help you in certain point to improve you site.

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It is just a one page site. It may well be indexed as you host it with Google, but probably so far in the results that will never be seen in the searches.

With this I’m saying that I hope that you don’t rely on Google or any other search engine to drive traffic to your page and get you business.

It is more like getting your business somewhere else and if they want to buy something online, you drive them to your page yoruself.

Although it would be even more professional if it was under its own domain.

Google may decide not to index your website if it contains duplicate content or content that is extremely similar to that on other websites. A unique and high caliber of content should be present on your website.
For Google to find and index your site, it might take some time if it’s brand-new. A new site’s indexing can typically take a couple of days to a couple of weeks.


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