Why doesn't my Site get indexed?

I’ve submitted my site about 5 days ago. Everything shows OK in google webmaster. But when I search (site: mysite) for seeing how many of my pages are indexed. The result shows me only the home page. But I posted 5 articles.
Now, my question is
1.should I wait a little bit more?
2.should I do something inside Google webmaster?
I am new in the SEO department. I created this site for my practice.

Probably, indexing a new site can take time. Google bots are very busy with many millions of pages to crawl globally.

It is possible to “Request Indexing” of individual pages. You can use the URL Inspection input at the top of the page. This will show you a page’s status (whether it is indexed or not). If not, you can click on “Request Indexing”. You can also make a request if the page has changed.
But do note, this is only a request. Though it can have quick results, it is up to Google if or when they decide to crawl your requested page, and whether they decide to index it.
With just 5 articles, it’s not a big deal to do this manually for each one. But if your site grows to many pages, you may consider having a site map. Also ensure you have good on site navigation, so one page leads to another and all can be found by crawling from one page to the next.
Though if you are adding new articles, one or two at a time, it’s not a bad idea or too much trouble to request indexing for new content as it is added, as it can help against plagiarism if Google saw and indexed the content on your site first.


thank you.

Many potential issues may prevent Google from indexing your product pages. But if your
website is new then Google also takes time to index it. But you should also optimize your web pages and remove unwanted content. Check for the plugin you are using sometimes plugins can block Googlebot from crawling your site. You should also check your website speed or sitemap.

Okay the things is it takes a little longer for new websites to actually get indexed on search engines such as google. The homepage typically gets indexed first before the crawler moves to the other contents. It is nothing to worry about, your contents would get indexed soon.

Just Wait for some times to Let it crawl your whole site. Submit your sitemap to Search engines. Submit RSS Feeds. Share your web pages with Social Media pages and groups.