Why my articles are always on Google Page no 5, 6, 7 and so on?

I’m just curious to know why does my website articles always stay behind on page no 5, 6, & 7 mostly? For example, I post one article I use all SEO techniques to make sure the article is minimum 350+ words and above.

My checklist.
Keywords in Meta title, description, URL, first paragraph and also distributed very wisely in the entire article.
Also, I use the variation of keywords in my sentences,
My images are well optimized with Alt text
My readability score is always 65% and above.
I use the focus keyword to rank for and 4 variations of a keyword.

After completing all this checklist, I hit the publish button. Now when I try to search using my focused keyword (It’s obvious it won’t pop up on page one) but it goes way behind for page 5, 6 and so on. Maybe I thought due to fewer words in my article I’m lacking behind, so I posted an article worth 1,700 words and distributed the keywords and its variation in almost all paragraphs. Yet for my shock, it wasn’t even in top 100 results on google.

Few facts, my website is 26 days old so no domain authority. (Will this be the major issue? if yes) when shall I expect to be on page 2 at least? I have tech news mobile specs website looking at the competition level in my niche what I see is media & news companies are dominating page no 1 to 3 on google and bing both. So consider them as a big fish in the market and being there for a long time, what should I do to at least be close to them for example on page 2 or 3?

Also, I see some search results in google which are not even relevant to my focus keyword and ranking ahead of my article (again domain authority?) Some of the websites are in the non-English language yet they are on page 3. What should I do to overcome this situation?

If the domain authority & backlinks are the only key factors to rank on page 1 it’s next to impossible to compete for big media & news websites even though the content is king. As I’ve seen this big website publish 300 words article with 52% English readability score still ranking on page 1.

Any out of the box suggestion to compete for such big fish in a smart way is appreciated.

Thanks & regards.

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If you are in a highly-competitive niche, then you are always going to have more trouble ranking highly than in a less competitive one, so there’s no guaranteed solution, but 26 days is no time at all to allow for a site to become established and rank.

Have you tried writing your articles for people, rather than for search engines? Make the text natural, rather than contrived to contain the supposed optimum number of keywords.

Try reading Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, to find out the issues which Google thinks are important, and work on them, rather than arbitrary targets.

Domain Authority is a metric created and used by Moz to predict possible ranking. It is not used by any search engine to determine ranking, so you can forget about it.

When can you expect to be on page two? How long’s a piece of string? It might be tomorrow, if you have a great article which is a better fit for a given search term than most of your competitors. It might be never, if you’re competing against a high number of quality sites.

This is a rather old video, but it should help you understand how search results are determined:


One of these sentences contradicts the others…

If you’re measuring your article’s worth by what page # you end up on google, you’ve lost sight of your premise.

If domain authority and backlinks were the key factors to rank of page 1, then the backlink farms would actually work. They don’t. People need to let go of this idea that backlinks are some magic golden ticket, and Techno already covered DA.

Twice as long as half of it. :wink:


Thank you guys for sharing your valuable input on my curiosity. Much appreciated. Will definitely work on your ideas and let’s see where I land up after month or two. :slight_smile:

  1. We can consider the DA issues because the high DA websites are considered Good & trustworthy in front of search engines.
  2. You need to manually index your blog backlinks after the Google update for not indexing our creating backlinks, so try to index manually.
  3. Content quality does matter, make sure your blog content is not copied, plag free, contain no errors, & SEO-friendly content.

You can wait till raise up your website DA then your links would be shown in top of the search results.

I’m sorry, but that’s not correct. As I’ve already explained, Domain Authority is a metric created by Moz.com to predict how well a site may perform in search engines. It is not used by search engines to assign rank; they have their own algorithms for this.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here, but please be aware that creating links with the intention of manipulating search ranking is a violation of the TOS not only of Google, but of all the major search engines. I strongly advise you to read their guidelines before continuing this course of action:




Length of your article doesn’t matter but your article should be of high quality and user-friendly. Search engines also give priority to Domain age and Domain Authority for ranking.

I found the same ranking problems in google with my website because the competition with other websites was very high

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