Questions about Keyword position, Need help please

I am currently working on a website of funny stuff and dress up games. I start to appear in google with the keywords I targeted. I notice each page appears in different position and different Keywords. And also some different keywords in the same page.

What I notice is that only the keyword that I am working on get a higher position and the other one just moves a little bit. But the rest of the other keywords that are in different pages stay the same.

Does this means I have to work on every keyword separately?
Would this confuse the search engine?

Also I was ranking with a keyword on page one and today I am at page 4. The only thing I did yesterday is to comment in a blog, then pointing to the address of that keyword (not the home page).

You can always expect your website to shift around, especially if your site is new. I tell my clients that +/- 3 positions on a weekly basis is relatively normal for competitive keywords.

Yes, you will have to work on each keyword separately. Each page of your website should be relevant to unique keywords. Keep in mind though, it’s still better to write content that makes sense for your users rather than to inject keywords for a ranking. If you content is good then other websites will link to you and those backlinks will be far more valuable than a bunch of keywords.

I will suggest that continue link building for your site otherwise it will go down in SERP. :slight_smile:



Thanks for your answers.