Problem with news website in Google?

Hi guys,

I have 50 news website with 1 database and using this database we are submitting 1 same article in all websites, it means all websites have same article.

I just want to get all this 50 website in Google 1st to 5th page so that people could read my website article.

I also want to know that if someone type my article related title or keyword, then how they can see mine all website article on Google.

Seriously? You think you can do that?

Google will recognise that these fifty sites are all showing identical articles. If you’re lucky, they’ll rank one of those sites and ignore the rest. If you’re unlucky, they may decide the whole set-up is a scam and none of your sites will rank.

I’m not even sure why you think it would be helpful to have all fifty sites competing for traffic for the same article. If it’s a quality article, and therefore worthy of top place on Google (which is the only way you’re going to get there), then just publish it on one site. If it’s genuinely relevant to the other sites, then you can link to it from them - or use canonical tags to avoid problems of duplicate content. But don’t waste your time thinking you can somehow trick Google into showing the same article fifty times over in the top SERPs.

why are you going with so much site.? just create a some good site and post article unique and fresh.
i will definitely say that your site rank will be improve.

I am so excited to read your post also confused I think you are a good business man but you do not SEO skill. A single site is enough to do marketing. To purchase a domain 50 also hosting there are several issues you will face in that case you are doing spamming. Any way whatever and how much you have site you can not get rank on google. Google wants standard and quality content, article or news . So if you will submit unique new and good content your whole websites will be rank do I know about your 50 websites.

No my friend you are doing big mistake by submitting same article to 50 websites. Your site will be penalized when it get notice by Google. By doing this you will never get rank in Google not in within 500 pages. After the Google Panda and Penguin updates many things happen in search engine optimization field don’t you aware of this??? Please read all Google guidelines before doing such submission. Or if you are not able to do by yourself search some good organization SKI, which will provide online marketing service (include both social media marketing services and Search engine optimization service)

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