Why I Like Free Hosts

As a webmaster, I like to use free web hosting to host my non-profit sites, or web sites that are in their beginning stages. It is easy to sign-up for a free web site to try out new site ideas, or just to store files for a while.

I have a multi-domains account for that. I just need to spend 9.95$ if I don’t want to just use a subdomain for free on one of my existing domains.
I didn’t used a free host for many years.

Personally I prefer paid services only. I have never used any free hosting service, I have started with paid hosting. I don’t say free hosting is bad, but I just want to be sure I will enjoy 1st class customer service (and most of free hosting providers don’t offer that)

Actually if sites will not be affected by the down time or possible lack of service with a free host; nothing wrong with finding free host. But that will surely depend on the nature and importance of your site.

It is easy to sign-up for a free web site to try out new site ideas, or just to store files for a while.

I agree with JamesCoolin. Once you have a modern paid multi-domain hosting account, there’s little reason to consider going for free hosting.

I would have thought you’d have a multi domain free and gratis from Host1Plus.com as in your sig link???

For someone just starting out a “free” web host provides a way for them to try a few things out without having to pay money.

Once they get established then they can save more money by moving to paid hosting.

People make their own decision. And they do understand how dangerous free web hosting could be

I wouldn’t say it’s dangerous, but clearly it’s not very good idea to keep important sites on free servers.

better go for cheap web hosting instead of free if you want some decent services :slight_smile:

Free hosting is a good entry level product, but it’s really not a good idea for business / commercial use or for individuals needing a stable, long term effective solution which will have all the services and tools they need (if the website is going to be a long term prospect which they want to make popular). :slight_smile:

Free hosts are good for SEO link building, you can have as much as you want without a penny spent.

Almost all free hosting providers will cancel all your accounts if they see that you use service for this type of activity only.

Indeed. I suppose each free web hosting user do accept that and understand that the account might be closed by the web hosting service provider anytime

We also run free hosting service, and I tell you guys - it’s harder than you could ever think.

While paid hosting usually is used by people who understand web a little, free hosting is used by newbies usually. They have no idea how to upload files, create mysql database, etc. Moreover, they have no idea how to submit support requests. We get many support tickets with messages “this s**t doesn’t work”, “why do I get error?”, and similar.

But i want to know that is there any technical glitches in free hosting sites?

A correct point you mentioned is that you can do anything, but just for a while. Don’t try to risk your site and content by hosting it for always on a free host. Pay some company and be risk-free about the content that you host with them.

You can surely try for the site ideas for time being, in a free host but the same shouldn’t continue. Pay something, you anyways are going to earn that back through the ads etc. so why risk it? :slight_smile:

Free hosting more slowly, the data is not safe

I agree. Also with an established web site free hosting is usually the most expensive option since in most cases the provider is earning many times what you’d pay for hosting from the ads they place on your site. Plus you have no control whatever over the ads.

I think as in the world of the paid web hosting that does depends on the web hosting company and that doesn’t matter which services they provide free or paid.