Free hosting

Is free hosting the fist host of any webmaster?
Or are there webmasters who prefer to use paid hosting from the very beginning?

You get what you pay for … so I’d never use free hosting. It’s so cheap anyway, I don’t know why you’d bother with something free. Decent hosting can cost less that a cup of coffee per month.

For learning and playing, I see no problem with free hosting. Once you have a well developed site and want to put it live, paid hosting is likely the way to go, though it’s not like paid hosting is a 100% guarantee of quality. There are plenty of bad hosts, big and small.

felgall normally has a great deal to offer members asking about free hosting! The gist is that free hosts will pack your content into pages littered with their own advertising. The cost to you is that you are not the “owner” of the website, the host is - and it shows!

That said, I agree with both the above and look forward to Stephen’s standard comments reinforcing the admonition NOT to use a free host.



If you have any type of site that you have future plans for choose a solid host. Paid hosting doesn’t cost much and the price of free hosting adds up quickly with lots of potential down time and ads running all over the place. Start with a small paid package and move up as your needs move increase. Unless you are only testing or playing around free hosting won’t take you anywhere any time soon. A small paid hosting account will allow you to begin to rank in the engines and to obtain more traffic.

Always use paid hosting…dont waste your time on free host…

A small paid hosting account will allow you to begin to rank in the engines and to obtain more traffic.

I’m not too sure that free hosting constitutes a disadvantage in the search engines. For all the search engine knows, is that a site is hosted on a server. They don’t know the contractual relationship between the host and its customer. Now, assuming that in general free hosting is slower than paid hosting, that may make a difference because Google takes website loading speed into account these days.

There may be the association if they give you a free subdomain, similar to what happened with domains i.e google entirely delisted them all as they were a haven for spam.

If its a business website paid hosting should be used, for personal websites free hosting is not a bad option. Paid hosting is available at a very affordable cost, a paid host should be considered for all types of websites.

yeah!!! your right, there is no such a big deal on free hosting. Actually most of us will really wanted a free hosting. Just make sure that the site is reliable and can be trusted.

god bless…