What are the best free hosting sites?

i am new to web hosting field. i have a domain from web4africa. now i want to host my site on a free hosting server. can you tell me a best free hosting you know? and i want to know that free hosting is good or bad. if it is bad please explain why? thank you.

The short answer, there isn’t one. You don’t pay for it, so they aren’t obligated to support/help you. “You get what you pay for” is a very true statement in web hosting.

Now if you are looking for a host, the bigger questions are:

  1. What does your site need to be able to do? (is it pure HTML, requires PHP, .NET, a streaming mechanism, etc)
  2. Any databases required, which ones? (MySQL, PostgresSQL, SQL Server)
  3. Are there any other requirements for your site?

Once you know the answers to those questions, your options start to dwindle down quickly.

The disadvantage of “free” hosting is that it is more expensive than paid hosting. With paid hosting you collect all the income the site generates and pay a portion of it to the hosting provider for supplying the hosting. With “free” hosting the provider collects all the income and you earn nothing.

Paid services may come with many more features than free services and paid services are much faster.

Some free services may even add your email address and details to add you to advertising spam lists so I avoid free services.

Hi Friends , i have bad experience with free web hosting maybe its hapen with me only don’t know others, i was hosted my web site with free hosting , one day the suspend my account and i make support ticket for them to ask why its suspended they ask limit reach and bandwidth , i ask them ok please provide me my DB and Home directory so they said the r deleted all data and i was shocked , i request them please give me but they said they deleted data with out any notice , so be care full guys , i just say don’t go with free hosting

Seeing how the OP hasn’t returned yet, I’m closing this thread as I believe everything that could be said, has been said.