Why have the discovered URLs disappeared?


In my Google Search Console account, the URLs of my website that had been discovered and were waiting to be indexed have disappeared. In the attached graph, you can see how a few days ago, there was a peak in discovered pages, and suddenly all of them disappeared, leaving only two indexed. However, in the section “Currently discovered, not indexed,” it still shows 64, but when entering that section, it is empty.

The pages on my website have not changed in content, quantity, or URL. Google Search Console has already analyzed the sitemap of my website. I haven’t been able to solve it since the URLs don’t show any indication of an error in their discovery or crawling; they simply don’t appear. I don’t know how to attempt to fix the URLs for indexing, as there is no specific error information. Can someone help me get these URLs discovered and then indexed?

Firstly, how many pages show up when you do a site: your domain search on Google? I have in the past seen weird results in search console which resolve themselves.

Secondly, it’s important to understand that Google does not guarantee to index every page, and there is very little you can do to influence that.

There is a great deal of information available from Google which might help. For example:

I understand what you’re saying, but in my case, only the main domain was indexed. Later, seeing a delay in indexing, I manually submitted the About Me page. It roughly coincided in time with the indexing of that page and the disappearance of the rest that had been discovered. The rest that are currently indexed were all submitted manually afterward, even though they are “main” pages like the store or services.

I’ve seen other websites have indexed pages with little relevance or even some that were mistakenly indexed with sensitive data. That’s why I’m concerned that there might be something on my website actively preventing the crawling and indexing of pages, forcing me to request it manually.

What, exactly, do you mean by that? As far as I can see, there are five main pages on your site, which have all been indexed. The gallery pages have not, but at a quick glance they consist of images only.

Those pages are now indexed because, as I mentioned, I manually submitted the request since only www.agustipardo.es was indexed. The others were discovered but disappeared from the list until I requested their indexing. In fact, if you check, pages like the links or blog pages are not indexed, and they are the only ones I didn’t submit manually.

I think Google is unlikely to index any page which consists solely of links. In the past, link farms were all too prevalent, and Google has taken steps to ensure such practices carry no weight. (I’m not suggesting your links page comes into that category, just explaining my comment.). In addition, Google indexes pages which it considers will be of value to people searching, and a list of links seems unlikely to rank well for any search term.

Your blog is on a different domain, so you would need to check that under the relevant domain, not under this domain.

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