Pages disappeared from Google

I’ve noticed that Google is no longer showing a few certain of my pages.

These pages are no longer listed on a search among "site: " and cannot be found among searches.

Why would this be? The pages are at the top of Yahoo, Msn. There is no duplicate content, etc.
Does G list pages it has excluded (searchable)?

How can they be gotten back?

The 'Site:" search operator is less than accurate and should not be relied on.

Try the actual full URL in Google’s search box.

If you are registered with Webmaster Tools, log in and see if there have been any indexation issues.

Clear your browsing history, cache and log-out of Google (if signed in) and try searching again.

Other than that you might have to post the URL for anyone here to do any further analysis - there are simply too many factors to guess…

make backlinks regularly and as seriocomic says check out ur index pages errors frm google webmaster tools …

The full url in search does bring it up. Thanks.

target keyword of ur site not yr full url’s …

Google doesn’t index all the urls on your site. A lot of times urls get dropped when new ones are made. I think it depends on how many backlinks you have to your site, how old the site is, and how much do you update it. If you’re site is fairly new, it’s going to be limited how many urls it will be allowed to get indexed. I guess this is called sandboxing. As your site gets older and gets more backlinks, your index will grow as well. That’s just the way it is. Urls being deindexed is normal, just don’t let this discourage you.