Why does ponhub rank number 1 for that keyword

Why does porn hub rank number one for such competitive keywords what kind of seo strategy has been implemented there are many adult video sites but whats so special about porn hub

  1. does it have more backlinks
  2. is it because of some special on page work
  3. is it the age of domain

I just can;t seem to figure it out can some help through some light on adult promotions please specially the seo part done on the website

i hope the words porn and adult dont create a problem on sitepoint forum

It appears high in search results because of it’s popularity, that’s it, no complex “SEO” algorithyms, just because it’s popular.

Good quality content, pure and simple. Or so I’m told.

…or even cheesy affiliate skin flicks :slight_smile:

It doesn’t have duplicate content… :smiley:

‘cheesy’ is a very subjective term :stuck_out_tongue:

Site is popular and they have done on page and off page very smartly with the keywords. May be they used some keyword in string form or collection of 3 or 4 words.

seems google really likes the website