Why a second login?



EVERY time I log in, and go to the forums, I have to login in again! Why is that? Aren’t the forums part of the Sitepoint site? Why the additional login?


This is the first time I’ve heard of anyone needing to log in twice. Same username and password for both? Cookies are enabled for www.sitepoint.com ? Same source of authorization (i.e. name + password, social account) ?


I usually come directly to the forums and log in here.

However, I’ve just tested, and if I log in at Premium and then come to the forums, I do need to click the “log in” button here, although I don’t need to re-enter my details; it just logs me in.


happens to me on some sites
maybe cookie did not set properly can be caused by a lot of things so would be almost impossible to debug


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