Problems with log-in screen

The pop-up window happened again this morning, several times in fact. Whichever of my three email addresses I put in, it takes me to a login screen and says “you must log in to your account to proceed” or words to that effect. Thing is, I am already logged in (because it’s showing my icon in the top right corner) and at least two of the email addresses I provided have valid Sitepoint accounts connected to them.

So I never get as far as the step where it actually hands the book over.


Maybe you can blame a cookie addon or some other privacy measure? :wink:

I meant to say I have asked SPHQ to investigate.

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Just to clarify, this isn’t really a problem with the login screen, more a problem with the login screen appearing when I’m not expecting it to.

The background to this was that someone asked about the “PHP Novice to Ninja” book, and the author mentioned that there’s often a pop-up window offering a free copy of the book, and I’d mentioned that I’d had trouble with it. So this post is just confirming the problem I had - whatever I type into the “Name” and “email” boxes results in a login screen, not a free copy of the book.

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Sorry to find out you are having an issue. When it asks you to login did you actually try that and if you did what was the outcome?

Our pop up box that gives the free book away can not tell if a user is logged in or has an account. If it finds they do have an account it will make you login and once you do it should then add the book to your account if you do not currently have it.

Can you let me know the outcome and if you are still having issues? Thank you.

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Ah, OK, that’s not really clear - the pop-up suggests that by putting in the name and email it’ll just provide the book, perhaps email a link or go directly to a download or something. Or at least that’s what I presumed it would do.

Next time it pops up, I’ll try logging in. I didn’t try that last time, mainly because I can’t remember which email to use or what password. I have a note of them for when IE forgets cookies every so often, so I’ll find that, ready.

Yeh thanks. If you had no account it would just create one and take you direct to the book but in your case the system found you have an account and as such it makes you login so we can give you ownership of that book in the system and then you can read it.

I will feedback this to our marketing team.



Just to update this, the pop-up appeared today, I managed to find a note of my password and was able to complete the process. Then when I clicked on “Access your book”, I got a blank screen with nothing showing except “Privacy” in the bottom right corner. There’s a load of source if I look, but it doesn’t produce anything. Presumably this is another thing that doesn’t work on IE?

Mindful of that, I figured the next thing I’d do a bit later when I’ve got Chrome open is have a look there. So I came out of that, back into Sitepoint forums to have a look around, and the pop-up appeared again. Is it going to carry on appearing, even though I’ve already filled the thing in and got the book? I didn’t look if there’s a “don’t show me again” tick-box, and of course it hasn’t appeared another time.

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