Problems logging in

I don’t know where to post this… but there’s a problem with logging in…

I used to always be logged in… even if I hadn’t visited the forums for a long time I was always logged in when I visited again…

tonight it asked me to log in… it said my password was wrong (it wasn’t I have it written down…)

so I reset it… then went to the forum, then logged out, to make sure the new password worked… but when I tried to log in again it said I had the wrong password… AND: it said this:


Welcome back, Frances089! (this is NOT my uid, my uid is maya90…)

We’re making some exciting changes to SitePoint accounts.

Before you can login to the forums you’ll need to login to your SitePoint Premium account below so we can connect it to your SitePoint Forums account. Don’t worry, you won’t lose anything.

my “premium account”??? I don’t have a “premium account”… what is this…

so I had to reset my password again… basically I went thru this process about three times…

it seems if you LOG OUT, to log back in it forces you to reset your password… guys, THIS IS LOUSY USABILITY…:frowning:

On the contrary, it’s actually a much safer way of doing business. Imagine you haven’t logged in for a whole year. Imagine what could happen in just a whole year. Imagine a database leak. Would you really want to still keep the same password after a whole year after the database leak? Even if it’s super easy for you to remember. Do you honestly think it’ll be safe to keep that same password simply because you don’t want to use a different password because you don’t want to remember something new? That’s normally why most well programmed websites ask you to reset your password after a certain amount of time. That’s because within the time you are gone and you have came back, something would of happened to that site. In other words, if you keep the same password after a whole year and there was a database leak, the hacker who stole user’s information could still have your information.

All they would have to do is simply watch your account (assuming they are logged into your account) and if there’s a single change in it, they would know about it. Say your account was compromised because you didn’t change your password and the website was programmed terribly. You log into your account. You message an old friend. The old friend messages back. They say something that’s personal or should be kept confidential. Maybe it could of been something about borrowing their credit card. Guess what?

The hacker KNOWS it now. Whoopies. I guess now you should definitely change your password. Oh wait, it’s too late. Changing your password won’t stop the hacker from stealing your friend’s credit card now. They already have the number when your friend sent their credit card number and changing your password really does nothing. They can still see the message even if you changed your password. The only way to stop this now is to call the credit card company and submit a claim for credit card theft and pray to God that the hacker logs off so they can’t log back in since you’ve changed the password.

Not saying that will happen specifically on Sitepoint. But who knows.

EDIT: Sitepoint also uses SSO now with the premium account option. Both Sitepoint Forums and Sitepoint Premium are connected with one another.

Yes it might have to do with this.
@cpradio might be able to shed a light?

Sorry to hear you’ve been having a problem, @maya90.

I think the change there is to do with the change in forum software a couple of years back. IIRC, vBulletin would let you stay logged in indefinitely, but Discourse logs you out if you haven’t visited for X days. I could be wrong…

You may have had an account in the past at Learnable, which is now SitePoint Premium. SitePoint changed the log-in system a few months ago to combine the two, so one log-in automatically logs you in to both. (If you don’t already have a Premium account, one should be created for you when you log in.

The new system was introduced towards the end of last year, so I would have expected you to be prompted to log in and create or connect your Premium account before now. It sounds as if perhaps you had a Premium account with a different password, and that’s the password the system was expecting.

I’m glad you managed to log in eventually. We’ll try to get to the bottom of the problem so others don’t have the same issues.

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Hi @maya90,

It looks like you figured out how to get to your account, I apologize for the struggle. In short, several months ago, Sitepoint switched to a Single Sign-On to bridge between Sitepoint Premium, the Forums, and whatever else they may have in mind in the future. No need to worry, having an account is free, it is just a matter of where the credentials are controlled.

As such, with implementing this feature, the passwords for all existing users were no longer valid and users were instructed to go through the Create an Account process via Sitepoint Premium and to use their forum e-mail address so it creates the association automatically for them at registration.

If you have any additional concerns or questions, I’m happy to try and answer them for you, or at the very least, direct someone from Sitepoint here to answer your questions.


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