Issues with details provided on login screen?

Hi there,

I have a saved password on my Sitepoint account but whenever I try to logi to the forums I get the error message that my email/password combination is incorrect. I’ve tried to reset my password but when I request a new one, reset the password and then try to use it straightaway it doesn’t work. It’s almost as if there are two sides to the website - one for the general website and another for the forums; is that the case?

At the moment thankfully another browser has remembered my password and once I click Login in the top-right I get automatically redirected back to the forums. In the case of Chrome, for example, I get taken to the following page at which point (note that I don’t have a Sitepoint Premium account), I enter my details and get an error that my email/password is invalid.

Please may someone advise?

That’s always been my experience. The Forums are a separate signup.

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No. That used to be the case, but it was changed to a Single Sign-on some years ago, and some details of your account - such as password - can only be changed via Premium. (You don’t need to have a paid account.)

I can’t remember whether there was an announcement made at the time on the forums, or whether it was only done via email. I’ve found this post, which explains how to solve the issue:

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Thanks! I just had to reset my password within Chrome and I’ve back in again

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