Why 404 error in google page result for any topic in the forum?


I cannot understand why I am getting problem 404 for my page. Just paste this URL in the Google ( https://bgrdeals.com/forum/threads/offer-fab-phone-fest-11-13-april.729/ ) and go to choose the cached option and I got 404 error not found in the google. Please, help me what is the problem behind.

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I don’t know why there should be a problem with the cached page, but is it worth worrying about? Are you seeing any error messages in Search Console for those URLs?

Why would potential visitors choose the cached option, rather than follow the live link, which does work? If you are having problems with the live site which mean people are likely to need to use the cached version, then I’d say your time would be better spent working on those than worrying about something you have no control over.

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Response Headers:
cache-control: private, no-cache, max-age=0


As has been pointed out, it’s a forum. You shouldnt be using the cached version of a forum thread. Defeats the purpose of a forum.

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Check your Search Console and find error message.



How does that work when the problem is with Google’s cache and has nothing to do with the site in question?



Yes, that is why i cannot figure out the problem in the website.



As has been explained already, the problem is not with your site, but with Google’s cache, and as @m_hutley pointed out that’s not really a problem anyway!



Is there any problem with the hosting using a website domain name bgrdeals.com



I don’t understand what you’re asking here, @kher9134. Why would you think the domain name might be a problem? There is also nothing wrong with the hosting, as the site itself functions correctly.

As @m_hutley has already pointed out, your site is set up with these response headers:

Cache-Control: private, no-cache, max-age=0

  • This response only allows a private cache to store it.
  • This response cannot be served from cache without validation.

That means you are instructing Google not to offer a cached copy of the page.

You can check for yourself:

As m_hutley also pointed out, that is correct procedure for a forum. You want people to see the latest version of any discussion, not an old version which might not have all replies.