My website is not cache by Google ? Getting 404 Error

Hello friends guide me, My website is not cache by Google ? Getting 404 Error. when submitting sitemap.xml getting error. ,

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You question is not very clear. Are you saying it’s your sitemap which produces a 404 error? Did you follow Google’s guidelines?

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Can you supply the source code or a link to the faulty site map. If you supply the source code, please enlose the script between two separate lines each having three backticks or use the code button.

I am sure one of our members will be able to help with validation.

If you have created your website using html code.

Please refer google-sitemap-generator .

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The link you provided is seven years old and not really a helpful resource now.

This Google Code project is deprecated and no longer maintained

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It depend on theme. Most important reason robot_txt disallow open on the website page. Other wise many theme disallow option available in external like word press theme.

google will take 24hrs to update the changes you have done, so please check after one day of last change.

i had same problem on my page, but solved with google sitemap,thanks for help.

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