How to remove 404 error page from google serch engine result pages?


I am searching on it but haven’t find any right solution for it till now.
I have removed one of the my website page but Google has cached that page and when I search for a keyword of my website that page appears on top first page 5th position. This is outdated page. How to remove this page from search engine result pages?

Google allows for you to have a page removed, just go to

Yes i know about this but there is one drawback of this we can only just wait until Google doesn’t remove the page. I want to remove it fast from search engine result pages.
is there any better technique?

Is there another page that you can redirect it to? It would help if you said what you’d already tried or considered, and what the results were.
For instance, have you requested Google remove both the live and cached? What is the status of the request on Google Webmaster Tools? How long ago did you make the request?

Just put blank page in place the one that gone and use 301 redirect to your index page.
If as you’re saying it’s coming in #5 in G., you may wanna keep it to generate traffic.


Can you not disallow it in your robots.txt and ping google with the sitemap change.

Also adding meta noindex to the page

<meta name="robots" content="noindex"/>

404 pages are one of the great unrealized resources for Web sites. When someone hits a 404 page, he/she is often confused and unsure what to do for a few seconds. Why not give him some obvious choices – linking to the home page, or your blog, or a featured product, or whatever?

I have removed the page from website it is just appearing only in google SERP. So why r u saying to add “meta noindex to the page”?

Actually problem is my page is “”, so if i redirect this page to home page but no one wants to click on commingsoon.html page so i just want to remove it from google SERP.

If you want to remove the error page from Google then your best bet would be to remove the page from the client side server, as for completely getting rid of it from the search engine it ain’t going happen i’m afraid.

You should of disallowed indexing in robots.txt or indicated a no follow.

That, of course, would only have worked if the page should never have been indexed in the first place. It is no help in the case of a page which has become redundant, for whatever reason, and deleted.

If you’re using Apache, you can put a 301 redirect in your .htaccess file, so that any visitor following the “old” Google link will be redirected to whichever page you choose as most appropriate.

You will have to wait for google to drop it.

Tell webmasters tools to remove it
Tell it not to crawl it via robots.txt file
Remove the page from your site or replace it with a blank page with a link to your homepage or put a 301 redirect to another page in .httaccess or a redirect in the header of the html page itself.

The page has already been removed and I’m not sure that replacing it with a blank page would help - that would just tell Google that the page does exist, after all, and not that it should be deleted from the results.

If you correctly serve 404 on that URL the page will be removed from the index.
If you however still have the page a <META NAME=“ROBOTS” CONTENT=“NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW”> would do the trick.