[WHM reseller] Cant change email address in DNS records

Hi guys, i have a reseller account, i want to change my email

i already change the email in WHM > List accounts > the primary domain > Change Contact Email

also in the hosting company WHMCS (the place that i bought this reseller account) > Client Area > My Details > Email Address

then i check my domain using domainwhitepages.com, but in the DNS records > email > its still says my old email address

please help, how to make the email in dns records changed to new email address, for current sites, and new sites that i will add again later

As far as I know, changing your email address in WHM has nothing to do with the email address linked to your domain name. Changing the email in WHM is just that: assigning a different email address for your web hosting account. to change the email associated with your domain name, you need to log in to your domain host (where your domain name is hosted) and change the email address there. Often your domain name is not hosted with the same company as your web hosting. Either way, it’s probably a different login.

Yes as Ralph suggests, you need to log into your registrar and update your email address there.

If you didn’t register the domain yourself and don’t have the credentials to log in then you will need to get in touch with the person/company that did this for you.