Making changes to domain records

Hi I have a client who is hosted with a particular company, he would like to keep his email hosting in place and just change the website hosting to my service. Thus I need to tell the current host to point the domain to my server while emails go to the current host as normal. What should I explain that I need done? thanks

to clarify i would like all current domain record to point to and only the record relating to the website (not sure which that one is) to change and point to

Your client only needs to change record @ of type A. He should assign IP of your server to it.

thanks, im on shared hosting and usually use the ip /~accountname to access the website not the ip on its own, does that make a difference or do I still need to give them just the IP?

When some internet user opens your client’s domain in browser, the browser first asks the nameservers of the domain what is the IP to connect to. Nameservers return the value of @ A record. So yes, you have to give him the IP for everything to work.

I wonder why don’t you want to have emails with your current web hosting provider?

the client wants to retain their email accounts on the current provider as they have highly sensitive emails and the current provider is a big ISP which gives them more peace of mind as regards to data protection. However the website hosting infrastructure at this ISP is very shoddy so they’d like to move that part to my hosting,.

I see now. Change MX records according to the email service provider and A records according your web site hosting provider. Leave name servers as default


You are welcome!
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