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I was planning this:

I have a domain registered and along with domain I get email space free. The email has been set up. Now I wish to just change the hosting to another server without disturbing my email. Hence email would stay on the current server while the hosting would be pointed to the new server. How can this be done?

I know its something related to modifying A record and NS to the new server while keeping the MX record as it is.
like if current A Record & NS are like

I need to change that to

Now my MX record has
Priority 0 Host @ Goes To
Priority 10 Host @ Goes To

Now the @ usually refers to the IP which has been configured in A record.

How can I keep mail at current server and only shift my hosting to the new server given the above info.

Thanks in advance for all the help and support

I finally figured out the solution to email and hosting on different servers and domain registered with some other provider.

Step 1.
You point the NameServers to the hosting account.

Step 2
In the hosting account, there will be option to create MX Records. Find MX records you need to enter and enter them here.

Now you can have emails at other location domain registered elsewhere and hosting at some other location.

I admit I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’m interested in why you don’t want to transfer the mail to your new hosting anyway. I had to do this once for a client, and the hosting providers just moved the mail account across in the blink of an eye, preserving all setting etc. Seems a lot simpler, but there may be something I’m missing.

Hi yes do agree with your point of transferring both to the new server but client needs email and hosting on separate servers with separate providers…

i think this is the policy supported by many organizations so that they could have access to emails even when site is down or even other way round, plus the advantage that in specialized email hosting server…I think better reliability etc… dont know inner details but thats what I m assuming.

That’s fair enough. If no one is able to answer your question, I’m sure you could ring the domain host and get an answer from them. I usually find them very helpful.

If you switch to using the DNS server of your new host, than yes, that’s exactly how it’s done :slight_smile:

If you stick to the DNS server of your current host however, you only need to change the A records, and keep the NS and MX records as is.

For my domain I also have A records pointing to the IP of the server itself, while all MX records point to for google apps mail, works like a charm :slight_smile:

You need to contact both your domain name registrar and your web hosting provider and make sure if that is possible at all.
Then you can rely on their help. I suppose that will be the fastest way.