White Hat SEO site Getting Back Links from Black Hat Site, is it ethical?

me and my friends working a lot and doing SEO for our site .

Title : Less than 60 characters
Meta Description : 154 characters.
Meta Keywords : 250 Characters.

Preparing Keyword rich content. and submitting every articles to 10 high PR do follow Social bookmarking sites. But still we are on 3rd or 4th page for optimized keywords.

but there are few wordpress and blogger blogs which are in first page of google - because they are doing keyword stuffing. Those blogs are having only 100 posts where i am having more than 4000 posts. where i am going wrong?

So i thought of creating a blogger blog stuffed with keywords and put a link pointing to my site. so that i can get more visitors. Is it ethical or do i get banned from google because of duplicate content?

Ya u r right. thats why i am scared to do it. so asking experts opinion. thanks for the reply.

If it has even the slightest appearance to you that it is wrong and that the search engines will either ignore your efforts or penalise you for it then they probably will.

Thanks felgall for your suggestion. I am expecting opinion from experts like u.!

Ya doing this is risky. So, be careful while doing these type of things. You can promote your blog at bookmarking sites, Try this may be it helps your site.

Ya doing this is risky. So, be careful while doing these type of things. You can promote your blog at bookmarking sites, Try this may be it helps your site.

There are a few fairly knowledgable people but I’m not sure that there are any SEO ‘Experts’ on this forum, not since Stymiee and Aspen stopped posting here.

There is no ‘duplicate content’ penalty, they’ll just ignore your content if they think it’s copied but if you want to avoid that happening try ‘spinning’ your articles. Better than that though would be getting some decent backlinks. You say you’re being outranked by sites with less content but there are many reasons why they could be outranking you. The first thing I’d look at is their backlinks. Where are they coming from and can you get links from the same sites? Can you get links from the sites linking to the sites linking to your competitors? etc etc.

Thanks JJMcClure for suggestion. justdownload.in is my site

The blog i am talking about is this

My site page rank is 1 and his 0 also he don’t have any quality back links or posts. But from last month he is getting 3 times more visitors than me and on first page for most of the keywords.

Can you go through my site and tell me where i am going wrong.

You can subscribe to the white hat/black hat scool of thought or you can think about it as what works and what doesn’t work. Only thing with that is it might work now but might not inthe future and there is no way to tell. You have to decide foryourself if the risk is worth it.

failinf that you can put the work in and get more quality links post more quality content and you will soon outrank the “black hat” sites.

I’m sure blogs that do keyword stuffing will get penalize sooner or later. It is just that they are not yet caught. Don’t blame your strategy as
this is the right thing to do. Don’t resort into black hatting as you will just regret it in the future.

If you are so sure that your competitor is doing keyword stuffing, don’t bother much… Sooner or later, Google will discover it and penalize the site.

You don’t adopt any black hat strategy, neither try to get backlinks from bad neighbours.

Google representatives have explicitly mentioned that keyword stuffing is black hat and may lead to penalty.

What are the keyword phrases and how do you know how many visitors he’s getting?

I feel that this is the key point that needs to be made. Often I see people referring to penalties that Google dish out, when it would seem to be that penalties exist only in the most extreme of cases and what Google simply does is ignore things they see as useless. Logically speaking, if Google were to penalise you for having bad sites link to you then you could give a dodgy SEO firm in India a ton of money to perform services for a competitor and have them penalised to oblivion.

I think the word “penalty” is misused in SEO talk, when the reality is that you’re not getting as much as you were before. When it’s nice weather we get less rain, we don’t get a “water penalty” from the sky.