Article length? HELP

hi guys

quick question…

I have been writing some articles for my new authority site but for a few keywords, I cant write more than 250 words!! I just cant find any more info to put down. I am writing good informational content so I dont really want to go over the same points and fill it with fluff.

Would a 250 word article be good for a whitehat authority site or does google hate small articles? Are they no good for ranking?

Please help


It’s good that you are writing quality content for your website. If you will use this content at your website then 250 words is good content length but if you want to post such type of articles on other article directories then content length should me more than 400 words otherwise you can post articles and get posting error.

Yes, i agreed with you…250 words is good to be a posting at your site. If your content is unique, its awsome…

If you’re running out of ideas, I suggest that you look for other bloggers out there that might have written about the same thing. Communicate with those bloggers and ask them if you could use some of their data. In return, you should cite your sources and create a backlink to their site saying that you got some of your content from those good sources. It’s a good way of getting authoritative links. About the length of the article, some people are suggesting around 300-400 words.

I really don’t like where you’re going with your post.

First of all, what on earth is an “authority site” supposed to be? If you want to tell us about the site tell us what industry/sector it is in before anything else.

Secondly, if you can’t write more than 250 words then is it really an article? I break 250 words easily within a few minutes of writing a post on this forum! If you’re writing good informational content then this sort of stuff should be flowing freely from your fingers.

Also, STOP KEYWORD STUFFING! Keyword placement means absolutely nothing to Google because it’s smart enough to parse local web pages and links and to decide what is relevant and what isn’t.

Google couldn’t give a rats ass what you write, and you shouldn’t worry about what Google thinks. By definition, the most relevant site ranks first, so fill your site with content that USERS want to see. Word count and keyword placement areas relevant as how many commas you use or how many times you can fit the letter x into a sentence.

Its good that your starting to use article marketing, its definitely effective. While 250 words is definitely on the low side (I like to aim for at least 500 words). If that is all the information you can provide for your topic and it is still actually useful to users then I wouldn’t worry about it.

The best length according to me is 350-400 words. This will 99% show google that everything is OK and it will be “marked” as a white hat technique :slight_smile:


Please do not post such obvious errant nonsense.

It is mind numbingly easy to create bots that “write” articles of 350-400 words if that’s what you tell them to do. A moment’s thought would show that if there was such a simple way to make Googlebot believe your site is genuine then it would be so easy to spoof that it would be totally ineffective.

As of me you can use about 500 word in one article, If you are using 250 wards in article then some of article sites are not allowing you promote your article in them. This totally ethical way but make sure that you are not using duplicate content in article.

If you are writing for an authority site, it is highly suggested that you write more than 500 words. In my own site, I make sure that I write around 900 to 1500 words per page. In order to do write that much, you will need to prepare 3 or 4 related topics and mash it down to one article.

Articles add essence to any website or blog.Its good to know that you prefer quality and unique piece of writing.If you want to write fresh content then simply write every day. Jot down your thoughts from the day. Take notes from your favorite book. Write some favorite quotes, go to library and refer some books. If you need variety and diversity in your writing just take your reading tendency off the internet.

It is good to know that you are writing original article at regular basis. Although, most websites won’t accept articles less than 400 words limit. Come on man, if you can write 250 words, you can write 400 words too. Just try your real hard. If you think, you can’t write more than 250 words then it is better to post those articles as guest-post and post on your own blog. Try your best to write 400 words articles.