Blog spamming

I’ve been trying to track down what the black hat seo people are doing to sell these so called “white hat high PR links” and came up with this document. What is interesting is if you see how the anchor text ranks in Google for some of the spammed sites you will see the sites are no where to be found. The result is this ends up being negative SEO campaign that an unsuspecting person actually paid to have done to their site!

I hope that more and more this kind of junk is going to go away. Meanwhile, I do strive to educate people about SEO. Building a site people live should be goal #1 always.

Yes, but it is sometimes very hard to get quality backlinks anyway. It is not weird people are looking for help in that way. It is not weird company do that to get any backlinks either…

In fact, it is extremely easy.
If your site offers truly helpful and unique information, people will spread the word very quickly.
If your site gets few links, or none at all, it has clearly a lack of quality.

You have a point benbob, the site with quality content requires less time to get popular on the web, because of the recommendations and link backs from various blogs or forums visitor visit the site and those who find the site useful are the ones who will spread it further and get sticked to it.
But, it is not all about content on the websites, the main reason is getting the quality backlinks, it has become difficult after penguin to find followed blogs to comment and obtain backlinks on, also if one can find them, it is not easy to convince the blog owner to give followed link through the comment section

Blogs are not there for you to create backlinks. Ideally, webmasters should not be able to create backlinks themselves, but that is impossible to achieve.
The value for searchers of links, is the fact that they are “recommendations” by satisfied users. Creating your own backlinks is, although accepted, essentially blackhat because it is artificial promotion of a site.
It is exactly because links have been so widely abused, that Google have drastically reduced their importance in favour of real recommendations like social media.

Maybe so but it is has taken me many years to create sites that people love. Everyone is looking for fast money, and they have about as good a chance of achieving it as winning the lottery. It takes a very slow plan implemented over a period of time, but works almost every time.

People do stuffs like that because it’s way easier. It’s really tiring to write unique contents for various directory sites. So people spam on a lot of blogs using the same contents or auto-spun contents. I think most people use web 2.0 sites to spam their contents on. Others use private blog networks. But all of that are in the past now. People are cautious and are doing SEO stuffs according the the recent update.

Yes, the reality is that it will go away to a large extent, although probably not completely. Google is getting much better at killing off spam, and once people realise it doesn’t work they will be much less willing to pay for it! That said, ‘a fool and his money will soon be parted’ - there will always be people who fall for snake oil salesmen offering instant results.

many are using other names even we don’t do it. So the users are thinking that we are the one’s doing that but actually the blackhatters. :frowning: sad to say negative seo is in large. :frowning:

I saw an article about these tactics on SEOmoz once and long story short…

If a site owner stay consistent with what they are doing, nothing negative will happen long term to someone’s site from malicious activities of these black hatters.

There may be some temporary affects, but it all works out if you have a quality site and maintain your course.

nice thread, actually i am also in trouble of getting quality backlinks. what i am doing is to dig from google some blogs and forums where i can get quality backlinks. then i do also directory listing, the manual one.

SEO backlinking/linkbuilding is quite difficult task in this era of time.

Those backlinks are not helping because they are coming from spammed sites.The key factor for building high quality backlinks through blog comments is the number of OUTBOUND LINKS of the respective pages.Links which are pointing to some other domain from a site, is called as outbound links.Also Link Juice is very important aspect taken into consideration by Google for ranking a website. A great explication of linkjuice is :
So if you build backlinks on high pagerank pages with low outbound links you will receive more linkjuice rathen then backlinks that are created on pages with high outbound links.
Hope my explanation helps :slight_smile: It`s my first post here , and indeed people must be educated about what seo is.