Black hat or white hat?

I would like to know from experts, selling your niche related blogposts in your blog is a blckhat or grayhat or whitehat technique?
Answers will be appreciated.
Thanx :slight_smile:

Don’t tolerate what? White hat? Black hat?

you don’t have to worry too much if it’s blackhat or whitehat…the point is google does not tolerate these methods and you risk getting burned…

Completely White Hat 100%

It is a thin line that you walk because if you look at directories many of them are paid directories and google does not look at them as a link farm. And technically article directories can be considered link farms as well. I think it all comes down to you need to be writing quality content that adds to the internet. Not just some garbage that only adds a link. But you never know Google is constantly changing there algorithms.

Its simple. If what you are doing is intended to or can artificially manipulate your or another persons site rankings then it is potentially possible that it can be deemed “black hat”.

Okay so one knows?

Men without Hats

I would be very careful what you say is legal or illegal, Google are not in a position to dictate international law and thereby, claiming that manipulating search engines is illegal is not only factually inaccurate but could lead you to being held accountable for your unjustified claims. :slight_smile:

Really? I thought Black Hat is something not appropriate for search engines which can lead into de-indexing of your blog or site.

Black hat seo – Doing illegal thing against search engines
White hat seo- Doing ethical things
Gray hat – both campaign black hat and white hat
selling links and selling your blospot is against google… blogspot is free so google don’t like when someone is selling blogs
black hat seo short time result not for long listing its does not work long term strategy
if you want long term result do white hat seo.

Is correct but I dont think anyone will ever be held accountable for such claims.

That did make me chuckle

I was doing a bit of compeitior research recently and found out this person had 40 blogger blogs all on the same Google account. Thats a lot of content to keep up. it wouldnt suprise me to see a similar amount in Wordpress.

The obvious quesion if you cant beat them do you join them?

it means black hat is not for long lasting or does not work on long term strategy. if so what would be long term strategy, can i get suggests?

Yes Boss google did’nt like these things if you caught then may be your site will ban so be careful:shifty:. don’t do black hat seo. White hat seo is best. It takes time but gives good results :smiley:

  1. black hat==>not original,and easy banned by google if u using adsense
  2. white hat==>original:D:D:D

Black hat will only lead us to perdition. Result is quick but it disappears quickly.

100% White hat… Do article marketing and link building…

If you listen to Google then SEO is black hat and should be avoided.

Can someone list what are the Black hat SEO so we can avoid it?