Which vehicle you prefer?

hii…now days which vehicle you prefer for your personal use??


Motor cycle for me to avoid heavy traffic and to save GAS.

bicycle :cool:

me too :cool:

Car for work and children, bicycle for health.

Me three…there’s nothing quite like riding a bike IMO

bike for me too…although I wish there’s a bike lane to work I would use it then.

That’s right, use bicycle. Less on budget, you’ll have your exercise and pollution free.

Bicycle is romance…

Thanks a lot ! :cool:

You’re so kind :slight_smile:

I love driving. My favourite vehicle of choice would therefore be a car.
Which cars? Oh, I guess I prefer Jaguars, Jeeps, and those really vintage cars (from Mercedes to Aston Martin). None of those are really suitable for me though, as I live in a Metropole.

I love BMW .

I ride a 500cc Piaggio MP3 (red/black), tuned up to the equivalent of 600cc:

Great on gas, great on insurance, and chicks dig it.

It’s a little bit dangerous…

A car…

I will go with Prado.It’s a superb car and the design just makes me crazy and surely luxurious too.

^Yes, if it’s V6 :slight_smile:

I’m all for a bit of American Muscle. Which is kind of hard living in Australia. I’ve owned a couple of Corvettes and a Camaro, and loved every minute of it.

A Tank, me being German and all :D. But really, I love big muscle cars, they give the freedom to go where you want to and load stuff. When you live in a big country where distances are great, the way I do now, you need a big car. Small cars are fine in a city.

I also feel much safer in a big car, and also sitting high up to see what is going on ahead.