What kind of car do you drive?

Please be honest, no use in making up stuff.

My daily driver is a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire Sedan. On Friday’s and weekends I pull out the 2003 Range Rover.

So, what kind of car(s) do you drive?

I don’t. Yes, someone who lives in Canada and doesn’t have a car :smiley:

1989 Chystler Dynasty. :slight_smile:

1988 Toyota Supra Turbo Targa, I have pics and stuff, it’s been modified, has about 300hp now.

Edit: If someone wants me to post them, just ask :slight_smile:

Ask :wink:


The owner of the Maccas where I work drives a Supra, a bit newer than that but :wink:

I currently drive a 1989 Suzuki Sierra but a mates girlfriends wants to buy thats (I think) and I also have (work in progress) a 1989 Subaru L Series which I am in the process of putting a lift kit, bigger wheels on and giving it a bit of a power boost with a EA92 turbo engine with AWD dual-range gearbox, but only a 3.7 ratio :frowning:

Won’t be the quickest car around but it’ll be able to hold it’s own just nicely :slight_smile:

post the pics :wink:

I own a VL N/A at the moment and am desperately trying to buy a VL Calais Turbo, if someone wants to donate a few grand to make up the difference PM me lol :stuck_out_tongue:

See pictures of these awesome machines HERE

Silly duffa driving Holdens… :xeye:


Bah the VLt has the RB30ET … it’s only 1/2 holden :wink:

Does America have Ford versus GMC like Australia has Ford versus Holdens?

Ford? Pffttt…

We have Turbo Dodges actually. :wink:

I took these pictures while doing some pics for someone of a comparison between a 2.1MPixel camera, and a 4.0MPixel camera, so they’re kinda big, but I’m lazy :p.

The car looks basically stock, however it has the engine work, as well as the Alpine CDA-9805 Head Unit, and Infinity speakers all around, as well as a Focal 11" Woofer, being driven by an Alpine 200watt RMS @ 4ohm Monoblock amplifier. I’ll post some pictures of that in a bit here.

Well here it goes:


What sort of engine work have you done to it? and is that 300hp (about 220kw right?) at the flywheel or at the rear wheels? Looks like a nice car, love the front of it :smiley:

Well there were various things, the HKS downpipe, as well as removal of the cats, 550cc Lexus injectors, metal head gasket, air-flow sensor, air filter, centre-force clutch, and an HKS turbo timer, and various things here and there (I can’t remember it all, lol). Going to be putting the rest of the HKS cat-back exhaust system on this winter, as well as doing some more suspension work, and adding a turbo boost controller.

I’m not entirely sure on whether it is the flywheel, or the rear wheels, as I was only told horsepower increase by the person who I bought the parts from (Reg Reimer - President SONiC), I guess it depends on what the original was measured at, I’m guessing rear wheels.

Well you can keep your cars.

I’ll keep my wheels the way they are: Inline.

You could always get it Dyno’d :wink:

:slight_smile: I like motorcycles, especially for gas milage.

As for dyno’ing it, I will be, soon :wink:

Sheesh what cars, you guys must have made millions with the internet :slight_smile:

I have sucky japanese Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi, model 1990 :frowning: But I’m poor salesmupp3t - so far.


My car, 1991 BMW 318is

Work car, depends what car is being reviewed by my boss.