Which vehicle you prefer?

Renault Clio Mk3

We’ve got a 36 year old Land Rover and a 15 year old Range Rover - both are kept in tip-top condition and give pretty good mpg - plus they have loads of character which most new vehicles just don’t have.

I don’t like new cars. I recognise that (apart from those ridiculous Priuses) they’re usually technically superior to older cars - but still I only want to own older vehicles.

Ideal vehicle would be a vintage Aston Martin, E-Type or even a nice Jenson Interceptor.

bicycle and Ferrairi…

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Funny :smiley:

I love driving cars, so the vehicle that i prefer is my car (which i miss a lot because i currently live in the UK and mine has the steering wheel on the left side so i can’t drive it here…)

[FONT=“Georgia”]I love bicycles. Would love to get a motorcycle sometime in the future too, just for the fun of riding.

A car would still be the most practical though. Hard to load up delicate equiptment onto a bike.


I prefer bicycle,it is good for health too.

JetPack …

Someones been playing too much GTA: San Andreas:lol:

It’s the junction of useful with pleased…

I’m ALL about American muscle. I’m a Corvette, Camaro and Trans Am guy.

Here’s my Trans Am…

My car passion inspired my first big site… www.ArmedForcesCarClub.com (I’m in the US Army)

Car, because I still don’t own one

Car by far, I drive a BMW 745(best car I ever drove)

I would prefer for a bike,i really love to ride a bike.

Well, if I could attach a pic of it, I would. Man, the Delorean…it’s so impressive.

A GM or Dodge.

^^^It’s a real car !!

I prefer any vehicle that is relatively inexpensive and reliable. In other words, I like Japanese cars. :wink:

imho all modern cars have too much electronics in them, just so many things that can go wrong or fail.