Which types of content is necessary and useful for Search Engine?

Which types of content is necessary and useful for Search Engine?

A content that uset find it to be very useful and informative is necessary to rank well in Search Engines

Content which is very unique and is not available on the internet has the highest possibilities to rank well in search engines.
Search engines rank only those sites which it thinks is important for its users.

Content should be write too much unique, informative and using language which is simple in understanding for anyone.

It should also relevant to your page title and not to found duplicate on the web or search engines.


Content is unique and easy to understandable. not a promote a particular concepts only share own thoughts…

Contents that are meaningful and catchier are essential for attracting the visitors attention.

content? Hmmm… I think Google wants informative contents, those that are relevant and of use to people who are searching online. From what I’ve read from the blogs of the experts, they often reiterate the importance of targeting an answering probable queries of people who use the search engines. For example you want to write about cameras, try to ask yourself about what things people would mostly want to know about cameras. Do mention specifics and don’t be too generic.

Content is something which can either make you go away to another website or compel you to read more and more.

The content should be meaningful with important keywords bold,italics and highlighted.

You should also make sure that it should be atleast 400 words.

Each paragraph should be short and upto the point.

Try to include real life examples, where ever you can.

[font=verdana]Content that will be useful for real people.

Seriously, don’t waste your time writing stuff specifically for the benefit of Google. They are way smarter than you are, and they will see through any little plot you have in seconds. If your site isn’t providing genuine value for real people then it’s unlikely to get anywhere on Google, and even if it does make it into the rankings, it won’t stay there.[/font]