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I am trying to rank a website on google in USA for certain keywords- Search firm power industry, power recruiting firm, Energy Headhunter, energy recruiting, Headhunter energy energy job search, energy career. Please tell me how I rank my website on serp.

Read the search engine guidelines, develop good quality content, and stop worrying about SERP and return competent quality content that the search engines will find easily and correctly.


Don’t forget sharing content on social media or other websites. The more you share the content the better chances that people will link to it. A content won’t gain readers itself, especially if it’s a new website.

First start with optimizing your site in terms of site structure, content, meta and all. Then start building quality links but make sure to build links as per your niche.

Optimize your website focused keyword, check the search volume, try adapting long tail keywords, meta tags are really implicit, define a engaging content relevant to your sector, you can do guest blogging, your own blog and share those links and content in social media. surely you can find good results

Firstly, putting right keywords is very much important. I would prefer you to use Long-tail keywords in case if you are not using. Search engine crawlers look for the effective keywords even to the domain name.
Next is the unique and quality content. It is the primary driver to the search engine ranking. Here are some ways:

  1. Try to update the content on a regular basis
  2. Use Metadata, Title Metadata, Keyword Metadata
  3. Create quality and relevant backlinks
  4. Use alt tags (to describe your video and visual descriptions)

Like the man says:

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The “keywords” metadata is ignored by search engines these days, so I would not waste time on that.
But the “description” metadata is beneficial and is sometimes what displays in SERPs, so giving each page unique and relevant descriptions of optimal length may help click-through rate.

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Search engine crawlers look primarily at the page content to see what it is about. Keywords in the domain name will have no effect if your content is not relevant.

[quote=“webuser, post:7, topic:218493”]
Keyword Metadata
[/quote]As @SamA74 says, this is ignored by Google, (and most other major search engines), so don’t waste time on it.

[quote=“webuser, post:7, topic:218493”]
Create quality and relevant backlinks
[/quote]Backlinks which you place yourself are pretty well worthless, as far as Google is concerned. The valuable links are those where the quality of your content has resulted in another site choosing to link to yours.

[quote=“webuser, post:7, topic:218493”]
Use alt tags (to describe your video and visual descriptions)
[/quote]No. Alt text is used to describe images. There are other methods you should be using for audio/video.

@Ankit_Para: as @DaveMaxwell said:

I would recommend you start by reading Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. It will give you up-to-date and accurate advice on optimising your site.

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