How to publish your content and make it rank?


How to publish your content and make it rank?


You can publish your content by Blog submission, article submission , guest post and web 2.0 submission. You need to search a relevant blog website as your content topic. Just register in that website and submit your content. You can put a link on your blog whatever your landing page. After publishing you can share your post in social media website to get traffic.


In the absence of a clearer explanation from @chanel_majic, I'm assuming the question is asking how to ensure content posted on their own site ranks well in search engines.

The answer to that is to post high-quality, unique content - and to post it on your own site. There is no point in publishing your content on third-party sites, where they will benefit in the search rankings, and from any traffic generated.

You should also check Google's "Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide", to ensure your pages are correctly structured for best effect.


Hi, As a SEO specialist in the largest online store in the Middle East, I want to point out a few points about the principle of content. You can publish the content on the Internet in any way you want. But the first thing to keep in mind is that the content should not be copied or duplicated in any way. Create a completely unique content that fully adheres to this level:

  1. Transparency of content and purposefulness
    2- Select the topic related to your site or blog
    3- Use attractive images related to the text and select the appropriate title
  2. Use Google Plugins in text as needed (like Google Map)
  3. Minimum words within the content are 1000 words
  4. The dispersion and the number of keywords in the text are met
  5. Use the captivating title for the text that contains the keyword
    8- Choosing appropriate decoration according to subject and keywords
  6. There are 3 to 5 links in the content (internal and external link)
    And … After observing these principles, you can publish content on your site or blog or as posting on other sites.


backlink is too important for rank your content


also check eror 4xx from the website and another eror


This thread seems to be wandering into vague SEO generalities, rather than concentrating on the content aspect.

Unless @chanel_majic returns to clarify the question and show some interest in the responses, it is likely to be closed sooner rather than later.


I could go on and on about tips to get your content to rank. It starts with writing content that people actually want to read. Perform a general Google search on your keyword and see what types of articles come up, I like to use buzzsumo, I find it very helpful, check out Quora and see what questions people are asking about topics revolving around your keyword.

There are plenty of organization and writing techniques to help get more like, shares, and comments on your posts. This article helps clear most of that up:

Then you have to promote your content. Share it on social media, send outreach emails to industry influencers asking them to share your content. There’s a method to this, but I won’t get into that on here either.

You could also submit articles to article submission sites or directories to help build your back link profile and drive traffic to your site.


I always hate answers to SEO questions that have numbers in them, I must say.
Putting things in like “Minimum words” and “X to Y links” are landmines because it leads people to develop absolutely abysmal content just because “I have to have this many words and so wordswordswords notasubject words heresalinktomydog”.

Publish content that people actually want to read, that actually covers the subject. Put as many links in as are necessary to convey the subject, link to relevant other content in a meaningful way, or are otherwise helpful to the reader. Don’t use plugins just because plugins exist, but use them when and where they are appropriate. Write as many words as are necessary and helpful - repetition for the sake of article length drives people away from your site, and assuming you want ACTUAL viewers to keep coming back to your site, you don’t want to disuade them.

Also, probably don’t tout yourself with superlatives that you can’t actually back up.


Your words are absolutely true and strongly agree with your comments. This method is the right method for SEO and content


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