How to publish your content and make it rank?


How to publish your content and make it rank?


You can publish your content by Blog submission, article submission , guest post and web 2.0 submission. You need to search a relevant blog website as your content topic. Just register in that website and submit your content. You can put a link on your blog whatever your landing page. After publishing you can share your post in social media website to get traffic.


In the absence of a clearer explanation from @chanel_majic, I'm assuming the question is asking how to ensure content posted on their own site ranks well in search engines.

The answer to that is to post high-quality, unique content - and to post it on your own site. There is no point in publishing your content on third-party sites, where they will benefit in the search rankings, and from any traffic generated.

You should also check Google's "Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide", to ensure your pages are correctly structured for best effect.