Is Content Still the King?

Past years I used to get increase in rankings whenever I update website with new content.

Recently I updated my site with new content pages targetting keywords. I havent seen any change till now. It has been a week.

Is content still the king?

Content is for your readers. Have good content and they’ll read, promote and come back. Have lousy content and you’ll have a lot of one time visitors.

Give it time. It’s too early to tell, so just focus on creating excellent content and promoting it. You’ll see good results in time. Build the site on a good content ground and you’ll succeed, build it on lousy content and it will not make it. People are not stupid and they’re actually the ones to really have a reaction towards it. If your content is so good, they’ll do some promotion and come back frequently.

More so than ever with last google update.

Yes, I think content is most important because if you don’t have relevant and quality content, now matter how you SEO a site, you won’t see results.

Build your content with visitors in mind and not search engines.

As said above it may take some time to crawl the content for the next time. However, don’t try to update the content more frequenlty unless it a news site or other releveant site.

Content is definitely the king. Content is what makes your site worthwhile and unique. However, there are so many sites on the net that content alone cannot get you Google’s attention, there are many other factors that help you site stand out. Earlier it is possible that there was less competition therefore, it was getting increase in raking.

I strongly disagree this…I know a website which ranks #9 but got nothing on the website except the keyword. Don’t ban me for this keyword and website…just FYI only - google for “girls in bikinis” and find the #9 result and tell me still content is the king !!!

Why would anyone visit any web page if it didn’t have content that they are looking for (unless they get misdirected in which case they’ll leave straight away and resume their search).

Web pages without worthwhile content are just a waste of their owner’s time and money and their visitor’s time.

Content is not just king, it is everything. The search engines etc only exist in order to help people find the content they are looking for.

Position 9 is a swimwear store with loads of content.

As you are from Australia…the website at 7th position is what I was talking about.

If you have a website you need fresh and original content for it to stay afloat. I agree that content is the key. This is what will drive the people to your site. If they go to your site and see that you have the same content as everyone else, they will most likely not be a return visitor.

According to me, Content is always king in SEO. Content is king’ is the mantra to gain higher rankings in the major search engines. My suggestion is to hire the reputed SEO firm to achieve the feat. Make sure that the firm you hire is authentic and genuine. This practice can save you from falling into the trap of scammers.

You say that, however…

Surely, if “content is king” then you’ll never need a SEO firm? What you need is a copywriter.

Anyway, over the past couple of years I’ve come to the conclusion that content is not king, nor has it ever really been “king”. Yes, for a content site you need to have a site with great content, otherwise no one will want to view it. However, purely from a SEO perspective it seems to be all about the link-building and how your site has been built.

My main argument against the whole “Content is King” mantra is eCommerce sites. These sites are full of products and have next to no real content, nor should they. If content really is king how do these sites survive? How have Flash sites survived? How has any service site survived?

Using any old backlink checker you’ll see that they’ve prospered by having strong backlinks, most likely from people linking to them because they like their site. Their infrastructure also accommodates linking well as they are frequently one-page affairs with enough information for a search engine to know exactly what they do. Additionally, the likes of social media go a long way towards describing the actual content of these sites.

So my answer is that content is only king when you are running a content-based website, and even then it’s more down to the links you have. However, if I were to give advice to anyone with a content site it would be to give your site the best content possible so that people will want to link to you.

A lot of ecommerce sites do have vast amounts of content – just look at Amazon, for one! How would they sell the products if they didn’t have information about them? The products are the content. We don’t need to read lots of corporate buzzwords about the company itself, and nor do search engines – what matters is the nitty-gritty of what they have to offer.

And don’t forget, a lot of sites thrive outside of search engines. Reputation and off-line marketing have a lot to do with it. I’ve never googled “internet banking”, because I know that the website I want to use is my current bank’s website. I see adverts for car insurance websites on the TV, in newspapers and on billboards all the time. And that can be far more effective then trying to be #1 in Google for a generic market term.

Well One week is very short time span for judging the importance and effect of content. Give it some more time atleast a month it will get cached by google once or twice after that there will be some visible changes.

Of course it is. You can’t get that much content through texts or tweets. Plus people will want to read more of the product than a two liner blast from tweets.

SEO is collection of many techniques. Yes Content is very important but you have to do so many things in order to get your site ranked at top of searches. So a part from content you need to do extra effort. Check on page of your site, if it is done nicely, then move on towards off page.

The second I wrote it I knew that eCommerce was a bad choice to use. :slight_smile:

This stuff is commonly advertising bumf anyway, and is either of low-quality or is replicated across the manufacturers site and every other shopping site that stocks that specific item.

Service websites are probably much better examples. A site like Colour Scheme Designer has no content, yet is linked to everywhere as one of the best tools of its type and as such it sits at the top for “online colour scheme” (according to Link Diagnosis anyway).

Obviously, it is extremely important to have great content and I believe that a lot of users on here jump straight on here looking for magic SEO techniques when their sites are, frankly, terrible and need to be made better. However, I still believe that links are the life-blood of Google.