Which rank checking tool do you use?

Hi, when we check the our site’s rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo, do you have any recommendations about how to make it pretty easy and get it done in one time? I really don’t want to check it one engine by another. Maybe Rank Checker ,SEOmoz PRO ? or the new one - googlebye.com.
Any advices pls, thanks.

Currently i am using Rank Tracker from SEO Powersuit. It is a good software which does its job and more. The price is a bit high though. But there are also a lot of free rank trackers available on the internet if you start searching. Most of these free tools would only allow you to track a limited number of keywords though. But i think it is enough if you are a newbie.

Another vote for Seomoz.
Definitely a great tool.

I generally use proxy to view ranking of my website in different countries. If you search on google you will find many websites providing keyword ranking checking facility. You can search for different google data center also.

I use both Rank Checker and SEOmoz. I want to see their results if they’re similar or different. This gives you an idea on how your website actually performs online.

i also use moz for analyzing my site results and link details.

I’m checking sites for PR and for some of them, my Firefox add-on shows 0 but online page rank tools show 3 or 4. What do you prefer to use to check the real page rank of a site? This is good for each site.

Rank Checker from SEO toolbar Is very useful to check rankings on all 3 SE together.

Web CEO rank-checking-tool I normally used to check ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is one of the best tool in market.

SEOmoz… it is now called just MOZ actually.

I’m check my sites by Seoquake tool. It can check PR, alexa, index…

I check keywords ranking manually. Because manual rank checking process show the exact and accurate result. So try to check the keywords ranking manually to get perfect result.

I’m using both whatsmyserp and Moz. both tools are great but whatsmyserp is free of cost.

I use Seoprofiler.com and it’s has worked great for me. However, I think I will take a look at moz

I like to use SEOQuake which is a good tool to analyze any website.

Thanks everyone

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