Looking for SEO rank tracking solution


I’m looking to try new SEO ranking software. We’ve used ranktracker in the past but would like to try some alternatives. It must have features specifically designed for use with clients - for example setting up reporting for individual clients that runs automatically and is sent directly to the client. Our clients aren’t SEO clients as such, they’re our advertisers and we have an optional SEO rank tracking service.

I’m not looking for free solutions (although not opposed to them), but would prefer a one time cost solution rather than a recurring thing.

Any suggestions?


Hi Martin,

I’m using a software called Rank Ranger and i’m very satisfied, they have the auto scheduled reports feature and a white label portal (clients access) and many other cool stuff, you can give it a shot:


Hi Martin,

I use Moz and I’m very happy with it. Their rank tracking software is great, but you also get access to loads of other tools that are very useful. Plus every report can be exported to PDF very easily. And you can try it for free for the first month.

Hi Pavlov,

There isn’t a decent piece of downloadable software I would recommend, plus you would have to update it constantly. IMO more than one tool is needed and we use a combination of MOZ (formerly SEOMoz) and Link Detective.

You can use whatsmyserp.com this site for using keyword rank checker…

You can try using Cognitive SEO It provides various tools that you can use in SEO and are pretty much accurate. I have used it and can say that if you want various SEO tools then, you should try Cognitive SEO tools. Its not free, but surely worth spending money.

All are 30 days trail period please suggest free rank checker i also want it.