Rank checker - which software do you use?

I have for 3 years used SEObooks rank checker but have experience major problems with the reliability of the software.

I know that Google is customizing search results to the person.

Which other software do you use?


ROFLMAO Half the people here don’t even read the post before they start spouting off answers.

The OP did not ask about PageRank. They are asking about checking rankings for keywords in the SERPs.

I use IBP to check rankings. It’s a great tool. They release updates frequently. but it’s not free.

IBP is good tool sets for newbie. to be honest it offer less value to professional seos. as to rank checker, IBP come with a simple one. if you are monitoring tons of keyword and sites IPB will not help much.

I’m using Market Samurai to check my rankings in the 3 major search engines. It works really well, the result is more accurate compare to other software out there. and that is only one features that the software has. Market Samurai is very useful software…

I just bought a copy of IBP Today. Its got some good tools integrated in it

Google Toolbar (for 1), SEO Chat (for 100), Parameter (Unlimited).

Checkout whatpageamion.com. It’s quite accurate for Yahoo and Bing, but for Google it deviates because Google Customizes the results based on your search patterns.

seobook rank checker tool? that’s a tool used to check the ranking of your keywords in search engines right? before, I also used the same tool, and noticed that, somehow, the result is not accurate. So I decided then to check my rankings manually. If you have so many keywords, and for you it’s a waste of time to check these keywords, try using pain software. I suggest use the IBP. That might help.

Google PageRank Checker is the best PageRank checker website with fast and correct results. This website offer free service to check Google PageRank of any website.

This website also allow you to generate Google PageRank button which can be used to check the PageRank of every page of your website right on your website. You just need to get the generated code and put into your blog or website. You can see this in action from the left sidebar of this website.

The problem with checking your Pagerank is that it doesn’t tell you anything useful. For a start, the published data is way out of date, and for a second, it still doesn’t tell you anything useful. You might have PR1, you might have PR8, but what does that mean for you and your visitors? A high PR doesn’t mean you’ll rank well on common search queries, and a low PR doesn’t mean you won’t appear at or near the top of the SERPs either.

The only way to effectively see how well your site performs is to go to Google (including relevant country subsites such as google.co.uk, depending on your target audience) and search for queries that people might type in that you hope will lead them to your site.

If your site appears near the top of the list - success! If it doesn’t, you’ve got more work to do. Then you can see which sites are outranking you and in which areas, and that can give the direction for what needs doing next. Simply knowing what your PR is doesn’t gain you anything.

firefox add on is great when you want to check your page rank but if you want to check you KW rank. you can check it manually. go to google and type the KW and find your site you can see you kw rankings when you pointed you mouse on the cached and you will see the result

I have used PR checker and its good you can also use the blinklist site they have a good PR checker in there.

Hope that helps…