Which languages to learn to build simple cool website?

Hi All,

Could anyone advise what kind of programming languages I need to learn to build simple
versions of these kind of sites?:


By a simple version I mean, to look as cool as these sites, however without any shops or special
interactions with the visitosr. I only would like the page to have company description, image gallery and
possibility to submit contact details. However; it must look great!

Also, after I’ll make the website ready I would like that the final user, who won’t know how to program,
be able to edit the content.

I have recently started learning JavaScript, and then I plan to learn HTML5 and CSS.

I’ve also heard about Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, jQuery, AJAX, Drupal and Wordpress.
Do I need any of these for a simple site?

In a future I’ll be doing mobile version of the website, for Android and iOS. Should I now take it into
consideration while choosing programming languages or is it a totally separate thing?

Finally, does anyone know a good free tutorial / website which explains how to build modern websites
with the current “hottest” tools / languages?.


For anyone just starting out in this field, the most important thing is to get a good grounding in HTML and CSS. This is pretty well essential. Until you’ve got a good grasp of those two subjects, there’s no point in going any further. That’s true whether you plan to hand-code your sites yourself or to use a package like Wordpress or Joomla.

After that, Javascript is probably the most important thing to learn.

Once you’ve made some progress in those three, you’ll be in a better position to decide what strategy to take for the sites you develop, and that in turn will dictate the languages or technologies you will need to learn.


Thank you very much for your help Mike!

I agree that HTML is a must

And PHP is a very popular language, but …
there are many others to choose from, Ruby, Python, Perl, Java, NET, to name a few.

IMHO the best advice is @Mikl; 's i.e.
Learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript
These are de-facto essential.

What you use to serve pages is more up to your preferences, many do like PHP, but quite a few prefer other languages.
Once you get a feel for javascript, you’ll have aquired a familiarity with “C” type languages so you might prefer those - maybe not.
And getting comfortable with using OOP wouldn’t hurt either.

Thank you Mittineague

Html,CSS and Javascript are most important scripting languages one should learn for building cool website. Apart from that CMS like wordpress, joomla and drupal are very good resource for building cool website.

Okay here i want to ask one question … I know C++ is it easy for me to learn CSS? Plus i have some knowledge of HTML.

C++ has no connection with CSS. They are two different animals. C++ is a procedural programming language. CSS is a language for defining visual styles.

That said, if you have the skills to learn C++, those skills will probably help you with learning CSS. But the actual languages have almost nothing in common.


IMHO, CSS, like many other things Web Dev, is easy to learn, not so easy to master.

But with practice and vigilant effort to keep up with changes you can but only keep improving.

Thanks for your help.