What is the best language for making a site?

i am new to this forum and i want to know what is the best web designing language.

The staples are HTML and CSS. If you want some extra dynamic behavior (like a slideshow), use JavaScript. If you need backend functionality (like connecting with a database) there are various languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl and so on.


web designing is a mixture of various scripting languages and tools like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, coral draw but if you want to expertise in initial lavel then go for html and css with JavaScript/jquery.

HTML, CSS is not going to leave you in web design for making it more attractive JS, JQUERY, AJAX, FLASH. You have options with this and other things such as for database. My suggestion is to go for HTML & CSS if you don’t know it, then at least js and then select any one option among PHP, ASPX, JSP. Its fully your choice.

HTML - This will be your content of your website
CSS - This will be used to style your site

If you are just getting started, I would recommend learning these two languages first and going from there.

What type of site are you looking to build?

Something that I think is often skipped over is the fact that there are two emerging branches in web design.

There is what we call Frontend developers and backend developers.

A front end developer works on the user interface, the layout, how it looks and feels.
A Backend Developer works on the functional coding of the site/app.

For example, a calculator website. The Backend is coding how the calcuator works, the front end how it looks an feels. Do the buttons fade, do the grow, do they change color.

Depending on what you want to do it can be as simple as HTML, CSS, PERL. Good luck.

Hi @bmk44; welcome to the forums

My very first site - AOL Hometown made using HotDog Express - was nothing but HTML (with CSS and later javascript inline and even later with cgi) so I’m wondering why you say PERL

Don’t get me wrong, I like PERL (though I don’t know as I’d call it simple), just wondering why you think it’s best.

Well, when I first arrived on the web in the mid-1990’s HTML and PERL were big if you wanted to create useful, interactive sites. I self-taught myself HTML and spent another 2 months learning the basics of PERL. Learning PERL allowed me to be able to modify PERL and CGI scripts to my liking. For instance, the infamous Matt Wright bulletin board. With my PERL skills today I’ve been able to modify that script into a site that allow my users to create their very own homepage. So, I think PERL is great for web designers interested in building their own interactive programs.

You will need html and css, after you learn that I suggest learning WordPress, by using WordPress and different themes you can create amazing websites. Just takes patience and time. Took me six months.

HTML and CSS will get you started in the right direction. But those two are just the basics. Shortcuts with site builders and the fact that WordPress is the platform for over 50% of websites on the net suggest that you don’t have to have the same skill set as you used to need to build a great site. If you are pursuing a career in web design start with HTML and CSS other wise, many alternative options for great designs are available.

Thanks everyone.

The OP hasn’t returned to this thread for over 2 months so I think it’s safe to say he’s received the answer.

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