Website development

what are those languages which is using to create a website, besides javascripts?

Hi @staffhaws6, you could use a whole array of different language combinations to build a website. Nowadays you could even build a website application entirely just with JavaScript, as it has taken over the server side world as well.
If it is a simple website you might not need any server side language and you can build it out of static HTML. If you are actually building a web application that does some fancy stuff or connects to a database you will need to pick a server side language. The most popular options or the ones with most momentum nowadays are, I think, PHP and JavaScript (it is node JS and npm package manager what enables server side for JavaScript), but there are plenty of other options that some people prefer for different reasons like Java and Python.

In any case I think most people would agree that PHP and JavaScript are a good way to go, or even taking PHP out of the equation and doing just JavaScript both client side and server side but as the JavaScript server side tech is younger than the PHP one, it probably has a steeper learning curve.

If you need a database then MySQL is the most common language for that, although by sure there are plenty of other options.

And of course you will need to know HTML and CSS, although those are not actually programming languages.

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is MySQL free to install ?

Yes it is. You should be able to install it through the command line if it’s not already installed on your system