Which is the easy to create a new website?

Which is the easy way to create a new website…and which tool can be used for it…

If you want to create a new website, there are many factors for you to look at. Here is the proposed check-list for creating a website -
1> Find a Domain that suits your purpose of your business.
2> Buy the Domain and web-hosting service from a local or renowned seller.
3> Hire a designer who would design the website and content writer to fill in the content that your website would have. You can skip this step if you
4> After your website is up and running, have a plan about what you actually would want out of your website!!

The easiest way to create a new website is to pay a professional to do it for you…

There are various products out there that claim to build websites for you … but they are, pretty much without exception, rubbish. If you want a good quality website, steer well clear of them.

The only way to get a decent website is to learn HTML, CSS and whatever other technologies you need to use (eg Javascript, PHP), and build it from scratch. You can learn how to build a fairly basic website relatively quickly (Sitepoint has some good books to teach you how), but if you want to build anything more complex, it can be quite a steep learning curve.

One easy way can be, download a Webdesign Template and fill in your own Content. Here you can find some Templates: opensourcetemplates.org/

I think the easy way is to buy domain and space. Install wordpress in it and make it as per your requirement. You can find plugins for wordpress easily as compared to others. All these (wordpress and plugins) are open source. No deep knowledge of any language and technology is required. Wordpress is very good for SE and in terms of performance.

If you are a total and complete n00b do not start out buying hosting. You are just wasting your money because you have no clue how to get started. Start playing with the free web hosts first. I do pay for hosting but I also have an account with /snip. I usually recommend them to friends who want to just get their foot in the water and I keep an account there so I can test things in a similar environment if they are having issues. I was able to add one of my domain names to my account without issue and install drupal 7 as well. You get ftp access and mysql databases. No ssh but the inexperienced don’t usually care to deal with that anyway. As far as creating websites your best bet is using some sort of content management system like drupal (which i highly recommend) or concrete5 there are a lot out there. People tend to recommend wordpress too but seriously that’s more of a blog type system and there can be resource issues depending on what all plugins you are slapping on there.

I would turn this list upside down. Before you pay a dime for anything, or write a single line of code, you should have a clear idea of what purpose your Web site will serve. Then put together at least a rough but servicable outline of your content. Only then should you approach a designer and/or content writer, or begin doing it yourself. As for domains, don’t bother until you’ve gotten the rest of it organized.

As it stands, the above list comes from the mindset of “I know! I’m gonna Make Big Money Fast on the InnerToobz! Doesn’t matter if I’m going to sell plastic dog vomit or generic scutwork articles or whatever, the point is to Make McBucks. First, let’s get that domain and work that SEO voodoo…” 9999 times out of 10,000, you could make more money by sinking your time into selling pop bottles you find on the side of the road, and you’re just gunking up the Web with yet another useless site thrashing and gibbering in a barely sentient attempt to separate people from their money.

I would agree with some of the posts but:

  1. You have to have a domain name. This is your Websites address, like your home address. Make the name refer to what you are doing. For instance, if I had a website called Epazetus.com you would say, what is it and what does it do. Also make sure it is not too long. It should be easy to remember, if you can.

  2. You should get a Website template, or build your own, depending on what you want to do. Think about this some. This is the best time to think and plan. Are you making a website for family, organization or business. There are FREE templates out there.

  3. You will need an HTML editor to create your site or adjust the template.

  4. You will need some FTP Software, this stand for File Transfer Protocol, which will transfer your built site from your computer to the host account, when you have one.

  5. Now it is time to think about hosting. Sometimes your registrar will host or there are other companies to do it.

  6. Now you have the template, domain, you have adjusted the site as you want, you have hosting, and then you transfer it from your computer to the hosting site. At this point it is “Live” on the web. Now the real work starts.
    That is driving traffic to your site. You will spend most of your time doing this.

Steve hit the nail on the head: the easiest way is to get someone who knows how to build websites to build it for you.

If you want to do it yourself, you’ll need to do a lot of planning, and spend a lot of time learning HTML, CSS, possibly JavaScript and perhaps a server-side language. You could use a CMS, but that would have to fit your requirements, of course, and you’ll have to spend some time learning the CMS you’ve chosen and how to implement it properly.

I suggest you to make a blog like blogger, blog etc services. but there are also available easy site services just select color and write content and your new site is ready in 5 minutes, but not on your own domain. There are also platforms like joomla that lets you create/manage a website.

I cant remember any names right now, sorry about that, but google it, always helps.

Thanks a lot for your information …frnds…