How to create website in wordpress

I am new in the digital world and I don’t have any idea about how to create or develop my own website in WordPress. what procedure I do for creating the website.

Have you tried an Internet search? There seem to be a number of tutorials around. It is not the purpose of a forum to teach you everything about a subject; rather, we are here to help with specific questions or problems you may have.

If you want to install Wordpress on your own hosting, then start here:

or you can create a hosted site here:

The latter may be easier if you have no previous experience.

To start your wordpress site you could buy a hosting plan from a company such as blue host or start by using your own computer. But this can be hard, that’s why I use local by flywheel which in one click setups your site on your computer. Check it out →

To learn all there is about Wordpress I recommend checking out this

Wishing you the best!

Although you are new in the digital world and you have no experience in development field don’t worry you can easily create a website in Wordpress. Creation of a website is very easy. And WordPress is one of the simplest CMS there you can create your site with just using drag & drop tools.

You just have to follow the following steps for the creation of a WordPress site:

  1. First of all, In Wordpress, Buy the Domain name for your website. Get Domain Name hosting from a secure and best site Like Go Daddy, HostGator, Big Rock.
  2. After Domain Name Registration Choose Theme that is relevant to your site. You can choose themes from Wordpress. Or you can download free WordPress themes from the Internet.
  3. Next after theme installation. Install & Activate your theme. The default Wordpress themes are Parent themes so have to convert it into Child themes. A child theme conversion is important because if any updation acquires in parent theme then no any data can be lost in child theme. And Child themes are safer than parent themes.
  4. In next step read carefully all the documentation of the installed theme.
  5. Install the required Plugins into the theme. For creating Signup form we can use Contact Form Plugin.
  6. After all, steps just Publish the site.

If you are new to WordPress, the official Codex is always a good place to start:


Thanks for the site which is given to me which is very helpful for me.

Tanks for sharing this site for me this will be definitely helpful for me & i need it.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge of WordPress with me i will definitely go with the step and create a my website in WordPress.


For ease & simplicity, I would recommend using a plugin called Elementor. Plus it’s free. It’s a really nice drag and drop site builder and will save you a lot of time.

But that won’t teach you much about HTML and CSS.

You’re absolutely right, I only mentioned it as taiwadeshweta said that she was new to the digital world so I thought this may be a simpler solution if she’s just looking to get a site up for her business without worrying about the nuts and bolts.

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People don’t need to know about html and css. Isn’t that the glory with tools like elementor. If you are going to use Wordpress you might as well use all the tools the platform and ecosystem has to offer.

Perhaps not. They may remain blissfully ignorant of / not care about pitfalls or problems. IMHO having a very basic general understanding would be a minimum.

From a non-techy perspective WordPress is great. It’s free. By using themes and plugins a good looking site with all kinds of bells and whistles can be put together.

Therein lies the problem. For example, if not chosen carefully the theme may be responsible for broken HTML. The broken HTML may or may not cause lesser or greater issues for some users even if it is not a problem for most. Use of too many or poorly written plugins can bloat the database / slow down the site.

Of course a lot depends on the site’s users. eg. for an amateur “hobby” site, family and friends would be more tolerant of problems, risk of alienation and loss of “customers” would not exist.

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It is of absolute importance developers understand HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Someone who is new in the digital world merely trying to get a site up and running - not so much. Tools like Wordpress facilitate the creation of websites without programming knowledge. Elementor looks like it expands on that offering a means of dragging and dropping content. Making it easy for none developers with basic requirements to put together a website with traditional knowledge of the underlaying technologies.

Thanks for giving me all steps how to create website in WordPress its definitely beneficial for me.



If you want to create a website on WordPress firstly you have to buy a domain name and hosting to store your all data. After sign up on WordPress you need to select themes for your project and there are lots of free plugins which you can use for your website like Yoast SEO, Akismet and many more.

A drag and drop editor is designed for people who don’t know HTML and CSS. It’s a choice, either write your own code or let a drag and drop editor do it for you.

I will recommend you to follow my steps:

  1. Buy a domain name. Namesilo and Namecheap are very affordable.
  2. Hire a hosting. You can choose Siteground, hawkhost, vultr, etc. But do not recommend Godaddy.
  3. Download and install wordpress website yourself. You should not use Wordpress website that integrated with the hosting service, many limitations.
  4. Point your domain name to the website when it’s ready.

That’s it.