Which is the easy way to create an website?

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I like to create a website I know what is website and how it will be working so i want create a website with easy way. is possible?


It depends on what you want to do. If you just want a site where you can post content, then you can start a blogger blog or wordpress.com blog. If you want to be able to make it a little more customized, then you could go with one of the website building services out there that let you create a professional site for a onetime fee with monthly payments for maintenance. You could also do a self-hosted wordpress site which requires a decent amount of knowledge to set up but not a lot of hard-core coding knowledge.

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If you have no skills, try weebly.com or wordpress.com. These are as easy as it gets.

blogspot or wordpress
wordpress is the best at all i think

If you want to create website then there are several ways to create it, like you can go wiht wordpress or blogger, where you just require to configure your details and your website live. But if you want to create dynamic website then you need to hire professional web design company that will make a website according your requirements. There are several web design company available on the web, you can choose it according your requirements.

You can choose the online resources that provide free website creation services like weebly. You can also use the open source service provider like WordPress.

blogspot and wordpress are the two most preferred blog platform for the beginners and even pros

It depends upon the type of services or products you are going to place in your website. These days PHP is a very good source to create a simple and cheap website. PHP is an open source website development scripting language and use HTML tags to create the web pages. If you want a good and business oriented website then you can contact a professional website service provider.

For the easiest you can go for Wordpress, weebly.

You use the wordpress CMS tool to create a website. It is simple tool and easy to learn.

WordPress CMS tools is the one of the best way to create website.
and you can create your website for the using of online sources like weebly.

Everyone here is saying Wordpress but I say; don’t underestimate the power of Photoshop and Notepad.
You can try and make a site from scratch. It won’t look as polished but will be unique.

if you need a simple 5 pager website then you can search for any automated website builder tools. some of them are even provided by hosting providers.
If you are looking for some specific things in your website, then you may need some help from a expert.
Wordpress is simple to learn and customize for independent work.

wordpress cms is the easiest way I think, you just need a little knowledge for installations, tweaking and plugins… You can also install wp using cpanel with fantastico… good luck!

I presume you’re new or slightly new in the field of website design. I say you should start with simple content-hosting websites like Blogger/Blogspot (can’t be hacked easily but with limited customization) or with a simple CMS like WordPress. While working on that, try to learn basic and advance language programs so that you can start creating advance websites.

If you want to create website for business then you should hire professional web designer or web design company. :slight_smile:

Go in for Wordpress. Or hire a professional web developer with your web development requirement.

you can create a blog for free then you can go for wordpress.com , weebly.com , blogspot.com . even some of the contry government provides country level domain domain with hostgator hosting free for one year.

Perhaps it is easier to higher a professional website designer. Webdesign is a bit more than just deciding for a template and typing some text.

You just only know about what is the website and how it will work hence to create website through free platforms like wordpress, weebly, blogger, webs, tripod, wix, webon, tumblr etc. is the best and easy way for you.