Which is the best place to place ads on my website

which is the best place to place ads on my website. Suggest me some ideas about adsense.

Remember to create your Adsense blocks so they match the look and feel of your site and blend in.

It’s easy to do this within your Adsense account and you can see how the ads would look before you place the code on your site.



I get the best results when I put ad in my content. Try breaking a page up with a banner in the middle or float a rectangle top right/left.

If you want to put Google ads, put them on the bottom of your website. It won’t cover or fade your content and whn the visitors will scroll to read your posts will get to the ads, but without taking their attention from your website.

It is better to put ads on the left side than the right side, and on the top of a page is better than on the bottom.

for adsense: the most viewed page will do fine.
If you have an index page, put on the top, so people wont have to scroll down to see the ads,
Take care of not overcharge your website with ads, the most visible your website is , the best it is for you.