Couple of Adsense questions


I am wanting to add some Adsense adverts on my website and have a few questions.

I have some in-page adverts already (4). Am I allowed to add a sticky one as well at the bottom of the page?

Also am I allowed to hide ads depending on screen size as I am thinking of adding one to the left hand side which is also sticky on large (desktop) and medium (small desktop) and then hiding it n smaller devices.

Any advice would be great.

Thanks! , “I sometimes see ads that are fixed in left or right side while scrolling down. Are they a policy violation?”

This would best be implemented at the server end of the request, as once you’ve told adsense to load an ad in the space, you can’t swap or hide it without running afoul of policies. As long as the page selects the correct ad width (or lack thereof) at load time, there shouldn’t be a problem.


Thanks for the reply. I will have a look at the Q&As

Hi there,

I have a left column which has a call to action under an Adsense unit. The right hand side has the majority of the page content.

Am I allowed to have the left column with the Adsense unit in become sticky as the page scrolls down?


you asked this question last month. The answer hasnt (to my knowledge) changed.

Threads merged.


Yes, I did, sorry.

My new thread was more about an in-page advert that would then become sticky with content around it rather than one that was just fixed to the screen on the bottom or sides.

the ad’s stickyness is regardless of what else may be sticking around it.

“This ball is blue.”
“Ah but all the balls around it are red.”
“… the ball is still blue.”

It seems that sticky ads are only allowed on mobile, and not desktop:

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