Which is the best language to design a good web site?

which is the best language to design a good web site?

Websites are made of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

PHP is main language which you require in order to code your website. And For Design you can use HTML, DHTML/CSS. This best language for web design and development

Personally I prefer PHP and ASP.

Yes, to clarify: the part of the website that users see in their browser (the “front end”) involves mainly HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can do a really nice site with just HTML and CSS. Other dynamic, “back end” things may happen on the server—such as when using a content management system—and there are lots of languages for doing that, such as PHP, .NET, Ruby and so on. But

The answer very much depends on what you want your website to do. I know several people who have made great websites that get lots of traffic, and they only use HTML and CSS.

OTOH if you want interactive stuff like image sliders and light-box effects, you’ll need to tackle some JavaScript. Finally, if you need to process forms, keep a list of subscribers, or similar stuff that needs you to save information from one visit to another, or even to use Ajax to interact without reloading the page, you’ll need to know some server-side language like Ruby or PHP, as Ralph M. says.

I’d start out with HTML and CSS if I were you. You’ll likely go a long way with that before needing more advanced stuff.

I am also prefer to PHP and Asp for dynamic websites and HTML , css for static websites

There are various web design languages available on the web like HTML, PHP and Java Script. You can opt for any according to your project need. As per my opinion, Java Script is a good web design language to create a dynamic Web Site. It has many features and functions, which will assist you to create fully-functional web design. It is important that website which is developed in Java script is quick in loading, compatible with all browsers and provides an effective security system.

I find it funny, people keep saying PHP/ASP, and other such languages like it is a replacement for HTML…Websites are only ever in HTML with a mixture of CSS. PHP/ASP, Javascript, and so on are not replacements for HTML. Javascript is an addon, you don’t make websites with it, it is for additional functionality for those that have it enabled. PHP/ASP are backend technologies that have no bearing on designing or making a website.

Yes there are various languages for creating a whole website but as per me i would like to suggest you that if you want to build a website you can build it in Wordpress, HTMl or either in PHP as they are SEO friendly can be easily crawled by google or any other search engines.

There is only HTML. There are no other languages that build a website, it is all HTML. What you do on the backend is irrelevant, it has to output HTML.

I would say: you have to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. These are the main tuuls used to build our <snip>site, althou there are many more languages and tools you may find useful to learn!

That is like asking “what is the best car”; it all depends on what your main goal is.

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