Which is the best course for web design & development?

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Can any web designer help me?

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Hi Friends,

Or do they both mean the same thing?

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Hi Friends,

I am totally confused about various programming languages and software for developing a website. I am please to know the essentials of above in order to get A to Z details of a website development.


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What have you found out so far? There are lts of answers to these questions online.

Start by finding a good book on HTML and CSS. That will set you in the right direction. :slight_smile:

While I am also still in the learning process and have tried many different learning paths in my journey I can recommend you the way that helped me to gain the most:

This is ofcourse individual but i would not recommend starting from a book. For me it was just too much theoretical material and I was exhausted before I reached to the practical part at the end of the chapter.

What worked for me:

  1. Dive into some online tutorials that teach you practical things like mocking up a Photoshop layout and turning it into HTML/CSS so you can actually “touch” something you make.
    There are plenty of very good online step-by-step tutorials that let you download the final result as well so you can compare it to your own result. Of course if you are new in the field you do not
    understand most of the things but if you have a basic knowledge about HTML/CSS and preferably Photoshop as well then it is okay.

  2. In my case, understanding came a bit later :slight_smile: After I had completed some tutorials and THEN I went to read some books in order to get some theoretical knowledge about
    the selectors and properties that I typed in and what made up the complete website. Because I wanted to know of course what I was actually doing there. But I don’t think you should
    know the history of every tag and selector in order to get going.

  3. don’t use WYSIWYG editors :slight_smile:

What is the difference between web design & web development?

I don’t see a big difference to the two, web design usually refers to the graphics and layout, development relates to writing the code to make it into a web page. I imagine you will need to do both.

Ralph and Werner’s advice is good, learn HTML & CSS, build real web pages, ask for help here when you get stuck :slight_smile:

Both web designing and web development is important…both are complementary to each other…web development includes the coding portion of the websites and design inludes its designing purpose,layout,look,how much your websites is effective…

Quick answer:

I would start there if I were you.

http://www.lynda.com/ is a good place to get trained by some industry experts. But it costs money.

Also, just look for tutorials online. There’s TONS.

the best are video2brain and lynda

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