How to start web Designing?

Please give me your suggestions

Thanks in Advance

For creating Your Own Website or design.

*Think about what you want in website.
*Make your webpage in designing software. (photoshop) illustrator is also good *designing software for logo creation.
*Do HTML and CSS.
*HTML validation.
Also you can visit here for detailed information.

find out if there is a course near where you live, and you’ll find plenty of resources online.

nevins, well you could read a book, find some decent videos or articles, or just play around using a code editor, be a bit more specific on what you want to do :slight_smile:

Start by learning HTML. All of us start there then proceed to the next step which is graphics and CSS.

I have to disagree with the earlier advice about learning to design using Photoshop or Illustrator. That is entirely backwards. Learn design concepts, HTML, and CSS. Put together some Web pages. Then, if you like, learn about using Photoshop in creating designs. Photoshop (and Dreamweaver, and other software tools) comes later in the process. All you need is Notepad or another text editor, a modern browser that isn’t IE :), and either a book or two, or some tutorial sites up and running.

As you’re learning, please feel free to ask questions in these threads. We’ll help as best we can, and if we can’t figure it out, we’ll ask someone who does know.

you should learn html, and do a course on it.

I have heard from some people that learning HTML in a course isn’t all that great. They teach bad practice and they aren’t up to date with the web standards.

I learned everything I know just by going to forums (though I was started by a horrible introduction to HTML in my 9th grade FOT class). It’s the most practical way of learning :slight_smile:

I am new to it too, but the best thing i did was buy Ian Lloyds book Build Your Own Website the Right Way. Its brilliant. Well written, well supported and explains things in a way that you can understand.

Having read this book, I am desperate to build on the knowledge I have gleemed so far. I bought a book called CSS Mastery; technically its good, but it lacks the clarity and by comparison, its poorly written and talks a lot about CSS3 which for me is jumping the gun a bit.

I am not sure where to turn now. Can people recommend other books that build on Ians book above?

I have no knowledge about hosting options, server language such as PHP, Ajax, or even Javascript, only what was in Ians book!

I need to be able to integrate Blogs into websites now that is stopping their ftp option (I dont want to have separate standalone solutions) and the same goes for Forms and RSS feeds to people that want to know when I update a site.

I appreciate that some book content may overlap but what would you recommend?


If you have a lot of computer knowledge and know how, but you are not sure what to do with yourself, maybe you should look into working for a web design and development outsourcing company. You could pretty much be your own boss, set your schedule to work around the rest of your day. There is very good money in the field of web designing if you know what you are doing. You just need to take the first step and take the plunge.


It’s such a general question, can you give me some suggestions on how to help you?

Thanks in advance.

Some great advice here! But Dreamweaver and Photoshop are always good. And so is Flash.

Charlie, Hanoi

I am also newbie on the web design. Although I know and learn CSS and XHTML and worked on couple of layouts but still I feel that to think and go with the thing in photoshop seems very difficult.

Please share your experiences on how to start web design.


I am new to it too, but the best thing i did was buy Ian Lloyds book Build Your Own Website the Right Way. Its brilliant. Well written, well supported and explains things in a way that you can understand.

Couldn’t agree more. I was amazed that one book could teach so much.

Yeah, I would check out that Ian Lloyds book and read up on articles at SitePoint and A List Apart.

[FONT=“Verdana”]Check out this thread I created. I asked the same question as you did. You will find a link to a matrix, which shows you the order of which SitePoint books to read. However, I asked a particular question. Right now, I’m waiting for an answer from SitePoint Mentor AlexDawson. Be sure to subscribe to the thread so you will know when he and others post a comment.

Also, I agree about the book CSS Mastery. I browsed through the book and did not like it. AlexDawson said it’s the best book on CSS. But I think the target audience for that book is for accomplished web designers.[/FONT]

Ashish Mittal, be a bit clearer about what you want to achieve. :slight_smile:

PS: CSS Mastery is a good book, but it’s not for the faint hearted it expects a certain level of knowledge, there are better books out there for beginners (I like it because I know CSS fairly well). Everyone does have a different reading style so clarity perhaps is a bit subjective, I found it an easy read (I read it at 3AM!). :slight_smile:

I was a complete novice at CSS before I joined Sitepoint. I learnt all that I know by taking help from the Sitepoint forum and by going through Paul’s site,

I think you can start building a site using html and css. You can use photoshop for the graphics. Then you can add to the site after you learn php and mysql (There is nothing to beat Kevin Yank’s first book on the subject).

You can learn html and css by going through a few online tutorials and reading through the sitepoint books. If you need advice on any of the books to be purchased, just post a question on the forum. Once you start building a site on any topic of your choice, Sitepoint forum is there to guide you all the way. Just by going through a few online tutorials and taking the help of the Sitepoint forum and reading some sitepoint books, I was able to build a full site,using html, css, php and mysql.

By joining the Sitepoint Forum, you have taken the first right step.