Which is better in online selling: Alibaba or Ebay?

i would like to venture on online selling. help me out with this survey…

As with just about every “which is better” questions the answer depends on what you’re selling and who would be buying.

I think Alibaba is better than Ebay.

Now Alibaba is delisting, and we could guess Jack Ma is planning something new. B2B cost a lot of money, and the effect is not as good as before. As for Alibaba, there are too many competitors, and Alibaba has no special advantages over them except its reputation.

It’s the first time I hear about this alibaba site. We have sold/bought stuff via ebay all these years.

For those buying from either site or any marketplace for that matter keep in mind that there’s no control over the product [i.e. not one in the middle touching it] which means that many of the deals which seem “amazing” are for counterfeit or replica items. This impacts both sides of the table as fakes drive down the marketplace price while upping the scrutiny, service and expectations from concerned customers.

thank you so much for your suggestions. i will be selling my own line of fragrances. they are home-made and they are already quite good.

If you ask me i would say Alibaba


I would have said Ebay would give you a wider audiance for beauty products,would these products be made from natural extracts to your own specifications or are they existing fragrants that you are selling.Would you be dropshipping these products as well if so you could setup your own small website as well.

I think that Alibaba is better. It has a very good reputation on the market. As I saw earlier many people said the same. But do not forget that it is also depend on what exactly do you want to sell or buy. Moreover, you can find a lot of competitors which can offer some better conditions.

Reputation with who? Better for what markets? Let’s get specific about what the poster has stated they are trying to do…

whether it is Alibaba or Ebay, they cost a lot. On alibaba, You have to be premium member or verified member to enjoy more priorities. You pay more and you rank more frontly.While Ebay just like Taobao in china, but you have to pay each item you gonna put on it for sale.

i see. are there any other suggestions aside from this two sites?

How about building your own site and starting to create a brand identity?

I’ll leave it at this. I’ve only ever heard of Ebay before.

I’d be hesitant about using other websites when I know I’m used to Ebay. Just putting in my vote :).

point taken but building a site costs too much and you still have to work on linking to gain traffic.

Building a brand is not an easy task but if you’re expecting great sales just because you throw up a few pages for an unknown product, sorry, it’s not going to happen. There are many, many products in your category with a reputation and history… being an option on the list does not drive sales simply because lots of people see the list. Either you have to find a way to build your own name or bring others in to push for you – not as one of a million but as something with content, history, value behind it.

That’s not to say you should do everything before plunging in. Getting initial sales, building some credibility, that’s a good start… but only scales so far. What do you want out of your business?

We’ve been selling on eBay for near 9 years. We made enough to buy a car, a house, and open a retail shop from trading on eBay alone. Our profit is very slim, but if the turnover is 1 million even 10% net profit could earn you 100,000 a year, not good, enough to survive.

Our cruise on alibaba wasn’t easy. Partly because we aren’t from China, another reason is our items aren’t meant for alibaba, wholesale at dirt cheap price.

We’ve seen some middlemen grew from nothing to million-dollar company using alibaba as their main channel. But most of them are sustaining or have diversified to other more profitable lines.

So if you aren’t from China (or at least India, Asia countries), or your items are easy to replicate, don’t bother to try alibaba. Some buyers wouldn’t believe you have the best price to offer, and you can’t believe how the China sellers manage to offer a price at half of your cost price. Unless your products originated from non-asia countries and there are no near-perfect imitations that could harm your sales.

eBay has more retail-minded customers. Though you must know some ins and outs on how to raise up the final closing prices for your auctions on eBay.

Great response… thanks for sharing!

As you think about the eBay market would you say your sales are coming from people who identify your brand [ie seek you out specifically or know the name of what you sell] or simply from the massive traffic? How do you feel product categories helps or hurts you on ebay [i.e. electronics vs beauty]?