Breakdown between amazon and ebay

Hi, I want to sell supplements online, i checked amazon out … not only do they charge 40$a month but 15% off each product for comission… is there a better alternative site to sell off besides amazon such as ebay or becaue amazon is just trying to rip me off!

If you setup with Amazon, then at least it is something you can cancel and walk away from.

If you setup on your own, think of setting up costs (site, design etc.), payment processing costs (pricier than you think) and promotion costs.

For the £40 + 15% Amazon handles all the above, so it might not be as expensive as you think. A lot of people do it so it must be successful for them right?

One of the biggest advantages to selling on Amazon is the instant traffic and instant trust. Something you wouldn’t get with your own site.

Quite true! If you want to sell on the platform like amazon or ebay, not only you have to pay money to them, the competation is rather high, for there are so many sellers there. I also think you’d better build a website of your own, and then make some advertise for it, the selling won’t be worse than that on amzon or ebay.

Why not sell it directly then and save a lot
of money?

Bedsides, if you set up your own sales
platform, you’re not depending on the
changing whim and fancy of Amazon.

15% might seem high but if you spend the money promoting your website it might be more than spending that 15% commission.

Every service has a different model, so before you say ripoff consider what they are giving you and what youa re getting. If you want someone with fewer dealers (reduced direct competition) and lot sof exposure, you pay more. If you want to be in the middle of a busy market, you pay less. Heck, you can run your own site for far less but then have to bring in all the traffic, handle the support, hosting, logistics. It may be better but it will likely not be cheaper.

People turn to systems like amazon as a marketing tool, and that’s exactly how you should evaulate it… the cost of an amazon sale vs a direct sale.

Could you break down the models each site uses i understand amazons… but 15% comission is a bit too much… i could either sell strictly ph’s which there is a higher profit margin on with amazon because theres too much risk if i provided a fixed rate for shipping with amazon. Im sorry its just the whole shipping, referral cost with amazon that was bothering me… how does ebay work? The stuff im selling or want to sell there is not much of a supply for online.