Is it a good idea to sell or buy things in Ebay?

Is it a good idea to sell or buy things in Ebay? I’m thinking of that and finding the way to sell think in Ebay. Actually, I haven’t tried to buy or sell on that before. Can you give me advice? Thanks!

I never been tried to to sell or buy things in Ebay. But, I want to experience. Would you give me some ideas about how to sell or buy things in Ebay?.

If yu haven’t tried eBay before, I recommend you to try it. You can trust them.

I’ve found it to be a good way to purchase and sell items both. Selling items, you can eliminate the hassle and risks of having someone local come to your house to buy the product from you, giving them access and knowledge of your household, and it’s belongings ect… Using classifieds for example, I could easily come to your home, see all that you have, ask you a few questions at random, and know when you will be home and not, as a result. So good bye to the rest of your stuff lol. So Ebay is great for that. People have to pay before you ship, so you are generally protected in those regards.

Buying things from Ebay, that’s typically a little bit less cut and dry, but if you are smart about it, and how you identify trusted sellers, it’s a great thing. Be watchful of the reputation feature, and feedback on items being sold. That will keep you from being ripped off. Also be sure to read each sellers terms regarding returns and refunds ect… When dealing with some of the major companies, say for example “Verizon, Sprint, At&t”, you can find some great deals where Ebay has gotten a contract to sell items for them, and offer a discount you’d not normally find anywhere else.

My general rule in life, though greatly criticized at times, is “Trust no One!”. Does this mean I’m locked up inside a bubble? Not so much, but don’t think I’m not looking you up and down on first meet, looking to see if you’re going to try and bust a move lol. In other words, keep your eyes open for crooks, and shop safe!

eBay is not a good option to buy sumthing from thier, thay are adding extra charges which are not acceptable by my self…

Yes. It is. You just have to be extra careful about the people you deal with on the site. You need to do a bit of investigative work before completing any transaction. The place is filled with scammers. Good thing though eBay has this protection program wherein you can get your money back in the event these kinds of things happen.

I don’t think so, I had bad experience about this store…

Ya its good one, you can sell on eBay, olx and there are lots of site, where you can sell your items with safely.

but the most of the peoples are there fake identity, thies type of sites are never givin us any security

I haven’t used ebay but it is still secure. Why don’t you try flipcart or olx? those are trusted and secure as well. I have used OLX before and my friends use flipcart

If you buy on Ebay you need to check out the sellers feedback make sure they have 100% positive or there abouts and also make sure that they have at least 100 positive feedbacks and you should be fine to buy from them. As far as selling is concerned you can reach a massive audience and you usually sell but unfortunately their selling costs have risen quite considerably.

I used to buy mobile phones,data cards like stuff from ebay.Some times special offers are there.Their refunding options also works well in my case.I have no issues with them.But its true that ebay will give value for your money.Don’t hesitate go there for shopping there.

I don’t have any experience about Ebay. but i got experience about amazon site that was great.

I agree with lovechocolatedre. You can try it first time then take decision will continue it or not.

Selling on eBay can be a great way to make some money when having a clear out at home, it can help boost sales from a traditional retail store or you can run an entire business using eBay as your only selling platform. There are various options available to all types of eBay sellers and one of them is an eBay shop or store. eBay shop subscribers get a reduction on their insertion fees; the Basic shop subscription reduces the fee by half, from £0.20 to £0.10. This can end up saving you a lot if you are considering selling on eBay as your main source of business. eBay Shop subscribers can use this feature to set a product to automatically relist every 30 days until you manually stop the item from listing. You can set up to 300 custom categories for your shop to help buyers browse your listings, maybe highlighting different brands you sell, or separating items by size or colour. Whether you are a seasoned eBay seller or just getting started, opening an eBay store is a great way to reach customers you may not have captured otherwise. If you have thought about starting your own business, opening an eBay store is a great way to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

nowadays its really hard to earn money on ebay unless your selling used stuff, margins are too low for new products =(

Yes most peoples earning tons of amount from ebay. try to use it.

I guess ebay is good website to buy things for yourself. Also if you want to sell anything just go to olx website.

i just bought a device last week through ebay. It’s my first purchase. What I did was I checked the seller’s profile and customer feedbacks. Good thing, the seller had positive feedbacks, 95% and above.

I think it’s important to have a background check of any seller you want to deal with. Plus, read ebay’s warnings against fraud sellers.

As of now, I am still waiting for my purchase to be delivered.

Yes Ebay is a good site to sell products online.
But my advice is sell your products on ebay only if they are in a good condition.
IF the condition ios not good then you should not sold them on ebay as it creates a negative effect on their site. That ebay are selling cheap products
Also other online shopping site will suffer since people will loose trust on online shopping